Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess Models



I’m not a Zelda fan…but it’s still cool…

dude i gotta have this. I love twilight princess my gamecube broke though so i can’t play it.

I find it funny how you have time to port models but not have time to release your other ones…

I agree…have an agree.

It’s easier to just post a picture than to gather a bunch of files, put them in the correct folder, and wait a while just to post it. And sometimes I would just like to keep some things to myself. :frowning:

“Midna” never ceases to scare me

I’m just happy no one is all like “OH ZELDA SO SEXY!”

She looks funny without her helmet/mask thing on. :o


AHAHAHAHA!! Oh my god…oh god…


Geez lol I needed that :keke:

Hey unknown if you got any spares laying around, pass em up :wink:

Yeah. Good idea.

Please please PLEASE upload these! :4chan:
I am a huge Zelda fan and would die for these models.

I think I say this for everyone but god bless you.

Nice rips

…It’s a ‘she’…? :tizzy:


No explain-o senor Nintendo…

Whoever gave me a bad spelling didn’t get the fact I was using mock spanish (like those people making fun of mexican accents in shows and such).

Wow… I cannot wait till these are released.


Are you also gonna fix Midna’s hand/hair from Grey to the Orange/yellow you see in-game?

That’s bloody cool mate, your things never cease to impress me.

Ingame, there’s a cutscene where she doesn’t have her helmet on.

She still looked weird in my opinon.

If Midna were a he, she’s be MINE already.