Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Hi, I noticed there are very few models of LoZ: Twilight Princess (Link, Epona, Ilia…) so…I’d like to know if someone could port some of these other characters on gmod:

Thanks in advance for your answers!

There was a guy(Fluxmage) porting these a long time ago but he stopped working on them, but he did released a beta:

There is also a few other models released by other people:

There also used to be a pack of a bunch of unrigged models but those are gone now.

Aw, thank you!

I seriously think that garry’s mod needs more zelda models.

The twilight princess ones are quite good, but why not something nostalgic? like Ocarina of time or majoras mask?

I was thinking about asking that too, but Twilight Princess’ graphic is beautiful and the story too…

However if someone wants to port some of the older games’ contents too, I’m nothing but happy!