Legendary ''connection failed after 4 retries'' problem

Hey guys its been two weeks.I ALWAYS have this problem when ı try to connect a server.When my friends are playing ı can join their game but when ım alone ı cant even join that server.İs there any hope ?

Add GMod to exceptions of all of your Firewall software.

Sorry but ı have no idea how to do that.I have Avast!

(sorry for being a big noob)

Well, you’ll have to figure it out if you want to play. Pretty sure a simple google query will give you a million answers.

thanks ı’ll try it.

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ı just tried it.İts not working.I even closed avast.

Nobody ?

You missed one or more firewall programs then. Check the windows built-in one too.

Well its already ok.Nothing left to do ı guess.

If you refresh listings. Or else the server is wrong portforwarded.
I had the bug too. Just re-portforwarded my server and everything went ok.

When ı refresh listings every server disappears.