Legendary items.

Hopefully when the next iteration of ‘bosses’ big foot, rad animals etc. comes in we can expect to see some legendary items…

If this happens then it is imperative that developers work on ‘Gandalf’s steel rod of shit stabbing’. and ‘garry’s gimp suit of fertility’.

That will be all.

The attack helicopter drops the m249, why not a rare item like that instead of a… gimp suit

Clearly you’re not rust material if you think a gimp suit wouldn’t be the perfect rust addition.

I declined it because there wasn’t a complimentary whip

chainsaw boss who drops a chainsaw. yeah, i like it still:)

I really need a +5 axe.


Chainsaw can realy be something good , from a seriously hard boss comes very easy chopping threes , also they can drop some bad ass armor part

Why stop at just legendary weapons/clothing? Why not have legendary “junk” tier items as well?

Off the top of my head:

A Ticket “Home”: You’d think this is your ticket off this god forsaken hell hole, but alas, there is nowhere to redeem it. It also occurs to your that the fact it actually says Home in quotations is a bit odd…


I like the idea of endgame, high end items, I think you should need to research them through the xp system and have to find rare materials to craft them.

different kinds of ore, specific types of wood, cloth, etc. could be necessary for said items.

Custom items and guns would be explosively popular too if added, this is whyI am all about making the weapon crafting system modular, kind of like fallout 4. Each weapon would be personalized and it would create lots of incentive to not die and lose your gun.

I guess you could find the legendary items in loot drop boxes too, but to craft them it should require a certain amount of effort on the players part…

High end items or legendary weapons are good things to find in single player RPG’s. But in Rust it would make the rat race to get these items first, only greater.
But I like your idea of legendary junk. Because this game should have some sense of humor in it. A ticket “home”, your own death certificate, a warranty card for your AK47, etc… and maybe lots of other junk will do nicely :smiley:

They Should add a OP meele weapon and call it “The Facepuncher”

the idea is really not bad.

+25 wood chopping +400 crit