"Leggy Lady"

I’ve been watching to many grindhouse films


Oh wow.

im a sailor peg…

Now that is class and hotness.

How does she walk without damaging the barrels?

Extra strength.

why is the laser coming from her knee

death proof was better.

do it

Not what I imagined when I saw the words “Leggy Lady”, but it’s weird enough that I like it.

Laser is going to her knee, follow it.

:v: Thanks guys

How’d she get the sock on?

Also, I remember doing a screenie like this a while back. But this one is much better.

I didn’t think her knee was that high.

Hahahaha epic.

Next, Hobo with a Shotgun.


:v: Maybe

She didn’t ask for this

I never understood how that part of the film worked.
Oh well v:v:v