Legion in snow

Here my first serious work in garry’s mod+ photoshop post process:



Original from garry’s :


Map - Snow storm

WOW!!! This is GREAT! Finally, someone uses displacement maps!

I can’t believe how much detail there is on this. FANTASTIC job! This is exceptionally well made.

10/10 for you sir!!!

Looks good but you should turn up your graphics

Heeellooo eye rape!
I can’t give constructive critisism on this.

Its a nice first try

I like this

The original is better i think. The snow could be better.

But i love it. Editing it now.

Don’t knwo if it came out right, but still sharing it with you.
I will never find as nice background as author did D:.

Wow! Epic, but in my opinion snow not realistic

However I don’t like this.

I tried to make the damn snow look real, but i failed D:

“I waited for you, Shepard”

Looks really good. Amazing even.

reminds me of the normandy crash dlc