Legitimate Question: Complaining about PvP in a PvP-based game?

Seriously, this is one of the few games I have seen SO much complaining in about killing somebody, but the game is built around it. I love Rust, and I’m really looking forward to it’s future, so this isn’t really so much directed at the game (more of the community). In a game that there are: PvP enabled by default,fully automatic weapons, C4 to blow in walls, the ability to steal items, spike fortifications to slow people down, bear traps (coming in), suppressors, rocket launchers (possibly coming in), and grenades, do newer players REALLY expect that somebody WON’T kill/raid them when all of these things are geared towards killing other players? I mean, I thought that most people would understand that joining this game would be mean a lot of getting killed/killing and getting raided/raiding based on all of the concepts of the game, but the more I’ve been browsing the forums, the more confused I begin to feel.

Is there something I’m missing, other than just people are whiners that quit when they get raided once and killed a few times?

I fully understand you.

I think the only “justified” complain is about killing naked people. But then again, if you think about it, the naked is going to lose… nothing? Because he is naked, after all.

Yes, I agree with you. People cry way too much and many of them can’t see that the fact that you might get killed anywhere at any time is what makes this game so special.

The worst ones are the ones to cry hacker. You know the ones. You see em back in the day in call of duty snapping at every death saying that guy’s a hacker blah blah blah. same nonsense on rust. I’v been accused of aim botting/ esp / and god knows what else. people really need to walk away from a game sometimes.

I’ve been accused of botting a few times, but the sad thing was, they were easy shots. I can understand that people get mad at “hackers”, and there are a lot of them, but you can usually figure out when somebody is actually cheating and when somebody isn’t.

There just needs to be a warning to go watch Lord of the Flies before gameplay.

There is some confusion and obvious split in the player base. A lot of us think the game is suppose to be a survival based game with a pvp element, not a pvp based game with a survival element. We shall see where facepunch takes this game and that will ultimately decide who stays and who goes.


look, i can appreciate feeling “hurt” by someone killing you for no reason, but the reality is that this game IS about survival by any means. killing a random might earn you some easy gear, or get you stalked from that day forth being attacked to the point you can’t go out to harvest without copping a few arrows in the back. Helping someone out might get you an ally, or a hatchet in the back of the head at daylight:) I think people just feel hard done by at the time, and can’t let it go.

personally, i dislike people who kill me when i’m naked, harvesting and haven’t been hostile to them. but I can’t fault their logic;)

Yeah, its mostly the idiots.

Run into someone point blank, he unloads a magazine full auto, misses every shot and calls hacker. Ambush by 2 people with shotguns, they are shooting from 20m+, find an M4 on one and P250 on the other. Called hacker. Flank a guy hiding behind a rock in a firefight, he calls hacker because he thought I’d shot him through the rock. 2 people with shotguns try to charge across the open at me 3 times in a row (battlefield server where they have all the guns), called hacker. You get the idea.

Why do people always assume nakeds have nothing to lose . I usually prioritize getting a 1x1 up and getting materials for farming before i worry about armor. I could care less about pvp , because the people complaining are ones that try to set up shop in front of Small Rad, which is screaming HEY I HAVE LOOT ROB ME :smiley: … but it’s places that are built in desolate areas such as Portugal valley , Coast Valley , HACKER VALLEY … these places are better to start up because you will usually see less people. I encourage PVP on my server and it runs very smoothly… i don’t encourage watching a guy pop in and then blasting him just to troll. But RUST IS ABOUT PLAYER FREEDOM.

This pretty much sums it up in my opinion.

There’s a good chance that no matter what happens, it will always be heavy on PvP. Pretty much the only way to have a major decrease of that (other than servers with special rules and settings of course) is to design the game in such a way that people, manpower you could say, are a more valuable resource than what they might be carrying or keeping in their house.

Of course, to a lesser extent just having more stuff to do will help as well. I think there are a fair number of people who wouldn’t normally play the “bandit” but are doing so simply because they have burned through most or all of the content and are bored.

Yep, if they kill me, they’re clearly a hacker. Easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair, I do not recall the devs ever saying this game is strictly for PvP, but they have stated this Rust is a survival game with a strong focus around player freedom. Just as the game is now, PvP is really the only direction to go after a while. But once the game starts moving forward, with features such as farming and hunting, Rust will stop being completely about PvP.

That depends; nobody knows exactly how Rust will be played in the future. But one thing is for certain: As long as there are resources and weapons designed specifically to kill other players, there will at least be one on the server using them to do so. The difficulty of PvE/the elements will really have to be ramped up if players are more likely to be brought together. The main thing that brings people together right now is PvP (ironically); building numbers so you can fight enemies that have the same or more than you.

They have stated clearly that they want the main threat in the game to be other players.
If that doesn’t mean PvP then I dunno what is.

Yes. They said exactly that: “your main threat will always be other players”. And in my opinion, that’s why Rust is better than DayZ. The environment on DayZ is just too harsh… it really is annoying. Rust is simple and I think its simplicity is what makes it special, although I would be fine with the environment being a bit more complicated and harsh.

The only thing that needs to be worked on are the fact that we have many things to attack but few to defend, and Garry knows that since the beginning, so it’s something they will work on.

That does not mean anything. lmao - just because other players will always be the main threat does not mean Rust will never be anything more than a PvP game. You are making some huge bias assumptions by blatantly stating otherwise.

I am content with waiting to see how Rust ends up before throwing my assumptions around as facts.

At the moment, rust could be seen as a pvp feast, insane death match arena style.

But that is as Gary said, because they have focused allot on “Attack” and not much on “Defense”.

The game play will change from pvp feast when they add electricity, factories, machines, stone structures, defense mechanism etc etc.

Then again, like me, even if they add allot of content, at the end of the day, going out in a fire fight is just the way to go.

You just did though.

Also, do you see in my post that I state that the game will only be PvP?
If the game is gonna give the modders a good base to add content to, then I’m defo gonna add PvE content for my own server.
Main focus of the game will still be PvP though and that’s all I said.

Yeah, I can quote you verbatim: “They have stated clearly that they want the main threat in the game to be other players. If that doesn’t mean PvP then I dunno what is.” - In that post, you are clearly taking something the developers said out of context to feed your own confirmation bias.

And I did not. You will notice that I have been entirely neutral in my musings - I am not stating that Rust will ever be primarily focused on PvP/PvE - I have simply made the factual stating that there will be PvE features such as hunting and farming that will draw focus away from the strict PvP aspects we have now.

You’ve mixed up facts and assumptions, sorry to tell you.
Where did I take it out of context?
I only quoted what Gary said and that that is a PvP decision, and that is a fact not an assumption.
You on the other hand assume that PvE features will draw away the focus from the PvP aspects and that is not a fact because it remains to be seen.

Anyway keep it on topic and don’t turn this into one of those threads where nothing meaningfull is said and people go at each other over nothing with no results.
Already got plenty of those.

Thank you.