Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes

Hi. New here obviously, and first off I wanted to say I really fancy the amount of genius, work and service I see provided outward from the persons at these forums. It’s a real treat to see such minds at work, thanks.
As follows is where it stands right now for ripping models from the game, on my own end and anything on any of yours (looking at the PC version here personally, both the purchased version and the demo). I’m working off Windows 7 x64 on an ATI based card.

  1. I’ve successfully extracted the native game model format using Game Editor. It’s however a useless format to me at the time of writing. There’s an end goal of making a game editor. More information can be found in the links. As well I’ve put out a few requests around the internet for the development of an import plugin for the filetype, or at least any better understanding of it. We’ll see what develops.
  2. Ripping attempts on my end are as follows:
  • Direct extraction of native file: Partial success. As said above I extracted the native file (.ghg format), but have no way to further use it at this time.
  • Ogle Input (via GLXTractor): Failed. Program crashes when extraction hotkey is pressed. GLXTractor did create an output folder, though empty, but it does this for any program regardless of whether it actually completes grabbing data.
  • 3DVIA Printscreen. Fail. Program crashes when extraction hotkey is pressed. No data is ripped.
  • 3D Ripper DX. Partial success. At first the program could not access the game (file not found error) due to the directory it was in being restricted (Program Files x86), so I made a copy of the entire game elsewhere on the C: drive. When ripping from this new file the 3drdx prompt appeared in game in the upper left corner, and the program successfully ripped some data. The textures of the game are complete an viewable. The .obj file is present, but is empty. I assumed as much, given the complexity of the actual game models. I have not accessed the .3dr file at this time as Max is not on this PC yet, and won’t be for another week or so.
    I’ll update this post whenever time allows. Thank you for any help in this matter.

You should ask Jason278 if you need help, he seems to be doing something with LEGO Batman, he might know something but I’m not 100% sure