Lego Bionicle Models?

Don’t pretend you don’t know what these are.

Would it be possible to make anything from the first generation? Or port something from Bionicle Heroes?

The first generation, up to the generation with the Rahkshii, was awesome. Then everything got bland from there.

Tau Nuva were even awesomer :stuck_out_tongue: hope to see 'em ever on GMod ^^

I already mentioned that. “From first generation to the one with the Rahkshii.” Which of course would mean the Bohrok and Toa Nuva would be included.

Well,some people consider The very fisrt Toa,the other monsters and first battle with Makuta as the fisrt gen. :stuck_out_tongue:

I want Kopaka, thats all I want.
He is the most badass of all the Bionicles.

Sigh I mean from the first gen to possibly the third gen. I’m not counting the Rahkshii or Bohrok as the first gen.

Rahkshii is possibly third gen. I don’t know if the Bohrok-kal are counted as second or third gen.

I don’t know the name of em, but do you know the guys that could roll up into a ball and mahve thier head “jump” forward like a attack…

Oh nostalgia.
I still remember modifying those things way back when and giving them guns.

i’m pretty sure generations changed everytime the toa were upgraded.

I actually liked the Metru-Nui stuff. The figures were a lot more flexible.

You mean these? The Bohrok.

Ah, those were the ones, they are cool, my favorate…


Love the ice tribes. They are always cool. I love legos.
Have a shit load at my basement all possed.
They haven’t bin touch for about eight months.