LEGO Brick request Thread

What is lego?

What I am doing?
I compile my 3DS Max Models to Source for you :wink:

Bricks in Fort Building Size!


What is correct request form?
length x witdh x high

XxXx0 is this:


Thanks to all how helped me compiling You now get this from me:

If you know a better Filehoster, tell me!
Pics comes soon

1x1x0, 1x2x0, 1x1x1, 1x2x1, 2x2x0, 2x2x1.
That’s all I want at the moment.

At work :wink:

Color red!

Go to Theater now, will do it later :wink:

Legoman head? :smiley:

LEGO minifigure, goddamnit.

Original size? Won’t they be incredibly tiny?


Yes, its tiny, but perfect for posing/Building :smiley:

Surely you want the blocks to be white, so they can be coloured more easily?

Request done, look first post!

FFFFFFFFF upload fucked up >.<

They’re compiled and everything, right?

Yes, only have to put in garrysmod/garrysmod…

What about building forts with them? I was looking forward to that. :frown:

I remember the days of building with legos. Perhaps I should look for the pieces of my old sets and see if I can upload pictures of unique lego blocks.

I have a table. When you lift up the top, it’s a lid. The table is filled with lego :fuckyou:

Original size isn’t that useful, having lots of them would lag and since they are so high poly, even like 50+ would lower the framerate significantly.

I’d suggest either optimizing them or making them bigger so that people can actually build with them. Source is nowhere near accurate enough for that small collisions.

If someone tell me how to make bigger xD
Havent used 3D since Years…

OK, ill try to make them bigger (tell me plz :D)
And ill change color to white…

scale them up in max, or in the .qc use $scale 10.0 or something along those lines.

Ok, and what would correct $scale?

OK, now redone 1 Brick, tell if it is correct!

Maybe some sort of smart lock in system where the legos would snap in to place with other lego bricks.