Lego Bricks

Who wants some Lego bricks? I wonder why there still isn’t a whole set (at least on

Yesterday I found out how to create models and this are the first few bricks of a hopefully large set:

I kept them quite low-poly. All bricks are white at default and can be colored with the color tool (surprise!).

BTW: Is there any tool/mod which allows you to build houses and stuff with the precision of the hammer editor?


Use Easyprecision and smartsnap combined. Make sure you have the offset set to 0.

More pieces:
(I started with the two bricks in the upper left and then decided to create plates first)

I used stacker and smartsnap but never got a satisfying result:

I will try Easyprecision but the best to have would be a world/physic-grid so that objects only move a certain amount of units and rotate in a certain amount of degrees.

The best thing to do is probably nag some lua coder to make a script.
I can’t remember who , but someone was working on a rollercoaster model snapper thing in the rollercoaster gamemode thread.

I don’t know much about modeling, but if edit the collision (?) so that its just the rectangle bit of the brick is in it, and not the top cylinder bit. Then i think you can use stuff like stacker (although I am probably wrong) without it being on top of the cylinder but rather the actual brick.

The colision is only the box, not the cylinders. Stacker uses the visible model not the colision model. But even if it would stacked them, it wouldn’t help me when I wanted to put one piece perfectly on a different one.

use the stacker with a lower offset then?

Smooth plates and slopes:

Edit: I’m going to lower the contrast of the Lego logo.

Edit2: There doesn’t seem to be any interest in this and it got flagged as dumb and late so I uploaded and ended this project:

If I could model worth a crap, I would continue this with some arches. I had some made, but they look like crap and are uneven :smiley:

There was a lua project about oh… maybe 4 months ago with another set of lego brick models to make them snap together when you bring them close, sort of like with the plugs/outlets in HL2, but it died. If someone thinks they could pull it off, more power to them.

Huh, I wonder if you could hijack the plug/outlet system from hl2 (maybe wire as well) and just switch around the models…

You should include Mini-figures in this topic. These little guys could use some attention.

Hmm… Half-Life 2 Mini-Figures? That would be interesting.

Hah, that sounds cool.

And, pogogo, the Wired Plug Tool accomplishes that easily. Maybe someone could weld a plug to the bottom of all the bricks, a socket to the top, and save it as a advanced dupe?