LEGO character

Can anyone make a Lego character?
And if its possible, a kinda option menu with different clothes n stuff

Well Lego minifigures are so simple that we’d only have to make one model and just change the texture and maybe addons like different hats.

It will be a bit like TF2, but with colourable hats. I mean for example a short haired wig, with a palette for making it brown and so on

There has probably been 3 or 4 good minifigure models started, but I don’t think any good ones have made it to release.

Well didn’t Lego make an MMO or something?

Couldn’t we rip from that or any other lego game?
(Like the lego star wars games for example)

I’d think the above is possible, I requested this a while back, there was some progres, but it ultimately died out. I’d still want this made though.

Lego Universe

The whole list to rip Lego’s

Yep, a MMO u pay err month, like WoW
But try to get the beta of that, i think u can find it for free in internet

I adored this game when I was younger, any chance of seeing the models from this ripped and possibly scaled to hl-size (not as in awfully stretched, as in still to scale but what they would be if they entered the HL universe. I assume a lego character would get up to the neck of a HL char.)

Those models are really lower quality than models for a more recent lego game though.

You could try ripping from the new lego star wars game that came out? isn’t based off the shitey TV series?

i have lego man model with a bunch of facemaps i made, i never got it compiled and bodygrouped though, since i don’t know how. If i had some help i’d get it done.

Wait what? Are you telling me a faceposable lego? Lol, that would rock

lol no, not faceposable. But it has different facemaps based on the classic lego ones.

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textures for the face.

If someone is making this from scratch, the patent for minifigs might be useful.

With this seems like lego is srs business

They do make millions of dollars of profits off of these little blocks, so I’d imagine it is to them.

I hate to bump, but I might be working on this if Fort83 isn’t.


I think the head stud is a bit tall and narrow. And the neck should be head color