Lego gameplay idea

So I have been reading all about how we need better base defenses, more items and more of a “survival” feel to the game. This got me thinking, I think it would be cool if rust had this building / invention system where we could design and craft our own items with a range of building block objects like cogs, elastic, rope, springs, glue and a number of wood / metal shapes we can define sizes. Basically giving us that true survival feeling. If you get dumped in the woods, you have to learn to make things, you could make traps, crossbows, carts, tents, pulley systems etc. If the mechanic was implemented correctly, this could open up endless possibilities and make Rust one hell of a game.

What do you guys/girls think?

I think this is a very good idea, it would be cool to design my own dirty little traps. But i think it would be really hard to implement a system like this. (sry for my english, its not my first language)

yeah a mod can add this to the game;be hard to add it

I don’t see why It would be so difficult, considering Garry did have Garry’s Mod, which does exactly what the OP is talking about!

Theres garrysmod.
Also this thread hurt like hell when i stepped on it

Hope they implement something like this.