Lego Hover Car

Hi there Facepunchers :smiley:

This is a Lego Hover Car that is currently a W.I.P
The modeling and compiling as a prop is done,


[release]Features I want it to include:
[ul]Control it as a vehicle[/ul]
[ul]Ability to hover[/ul]
[ul]Mouse and W,A,S,D Controls[/ul]

Here is the download link for the source files and the compiled addon version,

but its yet to be coded.

Here are some pictures:

Crowngate - Model
Silver Spirit - Model Tweaking/Porter/Textures



You haven’t put a link to anything (which would help) and also this is a request so it should be in the requests section :slight_smile:

Edit: Also what format is it?

  1. I have put up pictures, if that counts…

  2. Its only a .3ds file

Edit: Sorry for being newbish, but how do you move the thread??

Pictures do not a model make :stuck_out_tongue: We need the actual file to port it (you’ll need to upload it somewhere).

.3ds is good most modelling programs can import them.

You’ll need to PM a moderator and ask them politely to move it.

Ok, i will put the file up for download :smiley:

Where can i find the moderator?

Listed along the bottom of the thread list in any of the categories, written in green, click on one and then on “send a private message to (name)”.

Edit: its [noparse][/noparse]

Fixed it now :smiley:

Will PM a moderator now :smiley:

Humm, doesn’t seem to have any textures, will have to improvise.

Do as you wish :smiley:

Right fixed up a few errors on the model, made a texture for it and UVed it, ported it and voila!

Download is in addon format with a spawnlist and includes the source files for the compilation and the fixed up model in SMD and 3ds format ^^


So now it kind of is a release thread at least :stuck_out_tongue:

AWESOME!!! :D:D:D Thank you so much :smiley:

np :slight_smile: was pretty easy to do ^^

You’ll have to see if someone else can make it drivable as I have no idea how to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats ok, im just glad you made it a prop :smiley:

Can i PM you if i need more help that is similar to this?

Sure ^^ Though I may not be able to compile things if i’m buzy, but I can certainly give you help with things :slight_smile:

I have found a bug with the model… One of the “motor” components in the back is missing… Can you plz fix this?

The model you gave me only had 1 @.@ That is the exact model as I was given it.

hmmmm, that was wierd…

If i give you the model again, can you fix it then? Only if you are not busy, of course :smiley:

There i’ve fixed it, and updated my earlier post with the new download link.

Thank you man :smiley: Again, AWESOME :smiley:

np :slight_smile: