Lego Island Stuff - Ragdolls, Island & More

Been messing with source 2’s toolset.

ModelDoc is really cool to work with, such a refreshing change compared to source’s workflow to get models working ingame. To start with I made a simple ragdoll of a figure.


I then went and ported Lego Island 2’s map and added a car as well.

It’s pretty fun to watch it roll as you throw it around in the editor.


Added a pizza prop too, because why not. :smile:


I can definitely see myself making some kind of Lego Island gamemode in s&box. Build cars & houses, deliver pizzas and hang out with some friends on the island.


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that pizza looks delicious, although it’d probably taste a bit plastic-y

…mmm plastic pizza…

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That pizza isnt the lego pizza model. My immersion!

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Hah true. The pizza is just an old model of mine, wanted to see how it looked in source 2.

I actually have the Lego pizza as well, just haven’t loaded it in yet, maybe I should…

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the best use of source 2 so far

I also have made a pizza.


I can’t wait to see what you do

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Very interesting stuff, can’t wait to see how it pans out! :smiley:

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Someone posted something about Stranded 2 on the discord so I took a few minutes and ported the model & made it a ragdoll, could probably use more work but the fact it took <10 minutes to get model + texture + ragdoll working is incredible.


Hotloading textures & content is sick.



Ten… T-Ten minutes?!

That absolutely sounds insane and in a totally good way… My mind is blown…

So I’m currently modeling a brand new island, very bare-bones at the moment but it’s coming along.

I’ve got new road and track assets loaded, so I can start doing terrain modeling now and setting up blend materials.

Had to recreate my minifig asset because the scaling was off, but should be roughly the player’s size now.
Then I added a new tint mask shader to him so you can at least color his shirt to whatever.

Then I played around with Source 2’s vscript stuff, spoiler alert, it’s really bad. :neutral_face:

RC melon.

Some kinda taser, laser thingy.

Never have I wanted to just use C# more than when I was trying to move physics objects in vscript.
I’m gonna stick with just making assets for now.


I’m totally fine with making/importing a pizza model becoming a formal requirement for anyone wanting to develop on source 2

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The rite of passage.

Heck of a bump, but I’m finally getting work done on this! :smile:


look at these 2 beautiful bald lego men, i love they way they ragdoll
amazing work mr b… b… bricko linono?
bricka lonini?

When can we expect the amazing character customization?

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