Lego Stacker

Searching someone how can code a Stacking tool, which allows to use the real.

Here some concept:
This is Stone

  • ^ ^

This means length

This is for working “pictures”

The Stacker should know the length of this:

  • ^ ^

So it knows, next stone goes
----- ^ ^

  • ^ []

I hope you understand :smiley:

So it knows to place the next stone half the length of the previous above?

Got any lego models?

Not Half, ca 2/3, but i dont know

And yes, their are Lego Models, momently only 1, but their will come more :wink:

Look, the Addon should know the height and wide of blue:

In second, he should know length & wide:

So he can stack it perfectly

So basically, you want a sort of autosnap, kind of like the way the plugs in HL2 snap into the outlets?

So like:
Block A is on the ground. You pick up block B with the physgun and position it how you want it to fit onto block A. When you release it snaps into place. If you physgun the block above (B) it detaches. If you physgun the block below (A) the two blocks move as a unit.

That doesn’t sound too complicated, I’m sure there’s someone who could do it.

Cant you just use the ghost on the stacker tool?

Your English is horrid.

Well, stacker would just create duplicates of one lego, I don’t think that’s what the op’s looking for.

Sorry, it’s hard to understand his jibberish.


Also, maybe Easy Precision is what you are looking for?


Here is the link to that, for those who are too lazy:

Do you not understand?
We want that the do stack on their buttons…

No Cobra, we don’t. Seriously man… I love the lego models but you make it very very clear that English is not your first language. I’ve had Japanese language teachers with better grammar. Maybe you should brush up on your language skills before you start trying to make requests.

I thought I had a good idea of what you were looking for in a script… but I can’t tell if I’m right or wrong because I don’t have a fucking clue what you’re trying to say.