Lego Studio Backlot Sandbox & TTT Maps

A recreation of the backlot map in the old Lego Studio’s Backlot website game. Includes 3 variants, a sandbox day version, a sandbox night version, and a trouble in terrorist town version.

AI Nodes
Nextbot navigation
Custom props

Silicon Dreams - Textures
Xiron - Models
Boharox - Brick textures
LEGO - They did something, I forgot what though
Komoake - Skybox texture
Mr. Red - Map creation and misc.



Workshop Link

Any criticism is appreciated.
Thanks for checking the thread out.

Hot damn, I remember playing this game when I was a kid. Ran like crap on my computer and I never got that far.

Would’ve loved to see those loudspeakers that played that one goofy song loop, but other than that, amazing job you got here.

Wow its all coming back to me now, I never would’ve expected anyone to make a map of this