Legoman shanks Winney the Pooh

This has got to be my greatest pose ever. EVER. What do you think?

What the hell ? AWESOME ! : D

It’s a little too random

Looks like his giving birth.

Looks like a handjob gone wrong.

Its ok. Why the hell are there legs randomly standing up. Also where did you get that notebook and piece of paper from?

Pooh got served.

This is about as random as it gets. Great work! It made me ask, “WTF!?”

Oh wow.

Where do you get all these models from? Winnie The Pooh? -Winnie is in there

Just the word shank made me lol.

why is he stabbing his vag

Because, that’s how the lego men roll. They don’t fuck around.

ehhhhh what!?

Now that’s random.

Damn the winnie the pooh ragdoll link says file not found.


I lol’ed at the zombie legs just standing there.

w00t, this is old.

who knew legos were perverse enough to cut vaginas in to people