Legs Mod (Custom Made)

Ok, Originally made by blackops, people have kinda requested a revamp of this, so here it is.

Made it so some stances move the legs forward while others move them back “for more immersion”
Made it so if the hold type of the weapon is “normal” or you have no weapons you can see your arms aswell when you look down.

Thats pretty much the only changes But other than that it looks a bit better since you can see more of your body and legs than the other version.

I hope you all enjoy theres a picture at the download just to show you what i mean by Normal hold type.


I must say, about 99% of this goes to black ops Or should i just say 100? because i didnt really add much :stuck_out_tongue:

First Post,awesome.
Anyways,looks awesome as allways =3
Keep up the good work and don’t forget to…I can’t find of anything you could forget…
Good job testing =3

Seeing how you completely butchered my code and didn’t give me any credits, you convinced me to update my addon myself.

Originally made by blackops is at the top nya, and im not taking any credit as im not saying “HEY I MADE THIS” so… Theres no grife right? But i added the details at the bottom, No offense to be taken.

Oh thank you so much! This is awesome! Do the arms really move too?

Blackop’s code has them move via the animation sequences, so yes, yes they do.

Sweet. I’m so downloading.

Im so pleased :v:

will this conflict with anything?
like viewpoint when dying?


Thanks, the other one really sucked. This one is much better.

Tested it, doesn’t work. I deleted the original version and it worked well, but this works just like it. There is no differences, i only see arms moving on my shadow.

Did you even READ the diffrences? the position is changed and the standard sequences have arms, while the rest dont. Get some glasses? :3:

But i don’t see arms when i have no weapons, that’s the problem.

Then something must be wrong with your garrysmod, Because it works for me and the majority, Dont make me repeat what i just said, please.

I can’t see the hands :frowning:

Me neither.


I will make you repeat that what you just said. Stop being like this “It works for me so it works for others too but if not, your GMOD is buggy shit.” Your addons are not perfect and they never will become perfect. I don’t mean it bad, but it’s a fact. Anyway, when i go to thirdperson with this mod, i see that there is only body/legs model but no hands/arms, like they were in original Legs - mod. That means you maybe missed something. I set up everything perfectly. I can delete all models/materials/addons/lua-files/scripts and test it again. I bet that there is the same problem.

Lemme just say i didnt say myself, i said myself AND THE MAJORITY, that or you have custom models, or its just glitchy for you in some way. Like i already said, theres addons out there that fuck up many default things, Like damageinfo that _Kilburn had a problem with in his TF2 Gamemode because some people have dmginfo bugs, so some people have hand bugs, Big freak out right?

Ok… i will take every model and material out of my GMOD-folder, then i post the results what happened. :downs:
Edit: Tested it, same problem.

Doesnt work for me too