Legs Mod Reborn DMMM

[release]SVN Repository:

Create a folder in addons called DMMM Legs

Then checkout using this address:





bind KEY LegsKick

Change Log

Version 3.3:

Fixed the single player foot steps fucking up in single player when walking in water.
Added female falling sound.

Version 3.25:

Made foot step sounds emit in sync with the body foot steps.
Added water foot steps for DMMM style footsteps.
Made the arms visible at center view.
Tweaked the speed and damage muls of armor.
Made it so you can see your hands at center view when swimming.

Version 3.24:

Decreased the amount of eye angle you need for the hands to fix to center and start following you.
Made it so when the hands start to move, its much more smoother.
Increase how much you can see your hands by pushing the model further forward.

Version 3.23:

Made the arms more visible from higher up angles.
Fixed uncrouching from certain eye angles being able to see THROUGH your body.
Fixed the tilting arms when looking up and turning to far with body twist on.
Fixed dmmm footsteps screwing up in single player.

Version 3.22:

Added in DMMM style falling.
Added in DMMM style foot step sounds, they differ if your wearing armor or not.
Made LegsType 6 admin only.
Made the armor statistics print to clients when they change leg types, Remeber these statistics 

only apply if Legs_Attributes is 1.
Made hands tilt up with you when you look up on the arms type legs so you can see your arms 

WAY before you see your legs.
Added the ability to see what other armor players are wearing by looking at them.

Added 3 new S_Convars and 3 new admin commands.

Legs_Falling 0-1 -- Should the player act like there falling in dmmm if there falling to fast?
Legs_FootSteps 0-1 -- Should the player get the dmmm foot step sounds?
Legs_ClientArmor 0-1 -- Should clients be able to see what armor other players are wearing?

LegsFalling 0-1 -- Set the convar Legs_Falling to what you specified
LegsFootSteps 0-1 -- Set the convar Legs_FootSteps to what you specified
LegsClientArmor 0-1 -- Set the convar Legs_ClientArmor to what you specified

Version 3.2:

Not sure... I think i fixed some bugs.

Version 3.12:

Added zombie kicking, Zombies will stumble with low kicks and flinch with medium kicks.
Poison zombies will flinch when kicked.

Video of the zombie kick: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57XCUfrHeiA

Added 1 new S_Convar and 1 new Admin command.

Legs_ZombieKick 0-1 -- Should zombies do the stumbling when kicked?

LegsZombieKick 0-1 -- Set the convar Legs_ZombieKick to what you specified

Version 3.11:

Fixed some errors when changing legs type to arms and no arms.
Fixed the legs type attributes damage not kicking in.

Version 3.1:

Reuploaded, since i uploaded V3 when gmod.org was going ape shit.

Added torso twisting, Your torso will twist while your legs stay as they where, Like how your world model twists before the legs move with it.

Version 3:

Added pure white to the head mats, in hope to make the wizard robe more... Nice looking.

Added idle prediction, "If your bringing your left leg forward before going into idle, it will idle on your left foot, Same as the other way around."

Added some combos for walking, it wont screw over idle sets anymore.

Added movement cycle prediction, "If your idling on your right foot, you will start to move from your right foot, Same as the other way around."

Tweaked the kick a little.

Added 4 new S_Convars.

Legs_KickForce NUM -- How much the kick force should be multiplyed by.

Legs_Limited 0-1 -- If this is 1, Players cant select there legs type, Only admins can.

Legs_Attributes 0-1 -- If this is 1, Armor types 1-2-3 will make you move SLIGHTLY faster, and give you little protection from damage. Armor type 4-5-6 will make you move SLIGHTLY slower, and give you medium protection from damage.

Legs_GroundPush 0-1 -- If this is 1, Legs will act like they do in DMMM, if your not on COMPLETELY Solid ground "On a bar that you wouldnt really be able to stand on", it will push you off since you dont have any clear ground, this is nullified for a while after jumping so its compatible with climb and mantle.

Added 5 new Admin Commands.

LegsCanKickDoors NUM -- Changes the server convar Legs_CanKickDoors to what you specified.

LegsKickForce NUM -- Changes the server convar Legs_KickForce to what you specified.

LegsLimited NUM -- Changes the server convar Legs_Limited to what you specified, and resets all players legs types to 1.

LegsAttributes NUM -- Changed the server convar Legs_Attributes to what you specified.

LegsGroundPush NUM -- Changed the server convar Legs_GroundPush to what you specified.

Version 2.1:

Added ladder animations.
Added kicking, Bind a key to LegsKick, EG:

bind b LegsKick

The kick can break open doors.
Kicking npcs or players will push them back, giving you more room to work.
2 Diffrent kicking animations, Low kick and High kick.
Only high kicking can break open doors.

Added 3 new C_Convars and 1 new S_Convar


cl_legsdm_enabled 0-1 -- Show the legs? "nodraw"
cl_legsdm_ladder 0-1 -- Show the legs when your on a ladder?
cl_legsdm_vehicle 0-1 -- Show the legs when in a vehicle?


legs_cankickdoors 0-1 -- Can we kick doors open?

Version 2:

Legs move with your Pitch eye angles, So you can see your legs sooner than before.
Fixed some more stitching and tidyed up a bit of code.

Changed it to addon format.
Added the 9-10 diffrent leg varients from DMMM from basic to magic plate.

Used LegsType 1-6 to choose a type, and use LegsSkin 0-2 to change the look of it.


Just throw the DMMM Legs folder into garrysmod/garrysmod/addons

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN-rkabFEA8

Disclaimer coz people need to be reminded about it:

The models are from DMMM, Yes, it is a paid source engine game. The models are from the main character, Sareth. I have packaged them into the rar with the materials supplyed, Mainly because i dont want to put people through having to download gm_mount 2 and owning dmmm and having it installed AND MOUNTING it just to use these.

Code created mainly from scratch, reuploading a modded version or the same thing gives me concent to sue yo ass :v:

Thank you!

Maybe u add armor/weapons/skills/npc’s/etc from DMMM to Gmod? I want be knight in gmod :smiley: and rob caravanz…

Show me your skills before i kill you!

This looks awkward while rolling.

Almost completely perfect.
Good job. Again.

Thank you. Again… :v:

Can u make armor version?

Looks sweet! I’m going to try it out when I find some time for gmod.

Have all my respect and babies


Nice, but you can see your body without head while ducking.

Its only VERY slightly, And would you rather have your head between your legs before it starts the animation?

You replaced a bug with another bug :v:
Yeah, now you don’t see your legs before the animation starts, but the head thing is still as annoying as that.

That made no sense…

And what i meant was, If i used GetOwner():Crouching() then it would do the crouching animation once my head view GETS to the crouch view.

An amazing thing you could do is add the arms model, parent it to the legs model, and then set the player’s view to the eye bone.
This would allow you to parent any world model to the hands, and have amazing animations to go with them.

I’d do this myself but I don’t have the time nor the knowledge on how to change the player’s camera view.

World player animations are pretty terrible.


That’s @ devcon btw. The script looks epic.

we have legs,we need sweps and armorz from DMMM D:

Daimao said something about deflating and bone merging to accomplish his ‘full body’ thing (player model hands for view models included), but it’d seem no one particularly cares. Oh well. At least you and Blackops were able to make this all clientside.

Basically, If the weapon v_model has no arms and the arms a c_model, urm… rig the w_model hand arm sets to the bone positions.

Can u make sweps from DMMM and npc’s if u make it i will love you forever!

oO i find some sweps from DMMM with animations http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=85743

I did this verbatim, and it’s misinformation.