Legs mod

I need a legs mod that won’t make a headless/armless version of me behind myself. Maybe you could put the headless/armless version of me inside my body, or at least only the legs. Thanks.

…Please be a bit more clear.

He means like the leg mod, source or something blocks out the model, so some guy made a mod that puts a seperate set of legs behind your player model, but he wants them to be in his player model so people wont see another set of legs behind himm.


I don’t get it. My mod created a second pair of legs that only YOU can see… Soo… I’ll just leave this here.


Yes but I use chasecam alot and its really annoying to see that THING behind me.

I was conceptualizing a clientside version of this, but I haven’t whipped it up yet. As for chasecam, I’ve written a version of the legs viewmodel for it to be compatible.

Well, tell me when you’ve gotten it done.

legs_cl_enabled 0 when using chase cam.

I like the legs mod, although I have to type in legs_cl_shadow 0 so it doesn’t fuck with my flashlight, but a clientside version would be awesome. Too bad they don’t actually hang and stick in position until you turn around enough like they did in Kuroscript, instead of always stiffly facing the direction like they do in this, but still an awesome mod that adds that extra feel of immersiveness.

Also, to dweet2 - try binding chasecam 1 and legs_cl_enabled 0, like Wizey! above said, to the same key, and vice versa the variables for switching back on another. Viola, no half-body mutant behind you, and you can switch with relative ease! :smiley: