idk if this is still there or what but when u fall down ur legs are broken what u should add is u move slow and u cant jump and to fix it would be us the Bandage and it would take like idk 30 sec. to have it heal or something like that

i dot now wut u men by dis. ples elaberat

how about a metal implant?

what I mean is that in the game when u fall u brake ur leg and it just fix after like a few sec what I want add in is that u walk slow and it brake and to fix it u need a Bandage and u don’t bleed or stuff like that u just move slow if this help plez tell me

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Don’t really know what he is on about.

When you fall you have a chance to:

  • Bleed (status effect able to be removed by using any bandage)
  • Get Injured (Can’t be removed, you move slow and can’t jump for a while until it wears of.)

I like the way this works, being able to remove an injury (like a broken leg) with bandages is not really realistic now is it? Just deal with it if you decide to jump or fall from a high spot.

I am trying to get at is the only why to fix it is with a bandages cuz I mean in real life if u fell and broke your leg it dose not heal u would have to put something on it to heal so I was saying if u put a bandage on it then wait for like 30 sec or so it will heal

That’s not really true, a broken leg or any other broken bone can actually heal on it’s own. However, you would have to keep some rest. The reason why bones usually get a plaster mold or something is to improve the healing rate and to ensure the bones heal properly (not at a weird angle etc)

I’d hate to see another item addes just to clutter your inventory/hotbar…

will then they should at less make it longer to heal then it to heal in like a sec and u can add on a bandage for it to heal faster

So… if I fell and broke my leg, instead of it fixing itself in thirty seconds, I need a bandage?

When you break your leg, logout and login - your leg is magically fixed!

would be really bad I think

OP Your grammar is terrible and makes this thread confusing. I don’t see a problem with how fall damage works. So many kids out there want fall damage off… Play something else? OR learn where you will take fall damage and either pimp the jump or go around.

Good god just type the damn words…is it that much faster to type u and ur instead of you and your?

oo bandage and sticks needed for splint. :slight_smile:

so broken leg takes 2 mins to heal,
with splint, you can walk but not run…

just like in real life

yes it is

This makes me laugh. Creepermist, we are on a forum. You can slow down and type out what you are trying to say, this isn’t an instant messenger or a text conversation. Take a deep breath and just type out what you want to say in English.

Keep things the way they are, but add a crafting entry for a splint using 2 wood and a bandage That’s available at creation. Splint would allow you to walk faster than currently but still slower than a normal walking speed, and would still keep you from sprinting/jumping. Or you know… just keep things exactly like they are and focus on more important game aspects than something like this.

Just putting a bandage on it like OP suggested seems illogical.

+1 vote for splint, maybe to reduce recovery time. At least it would keep you mobile from say, a chasing wolf you hopped a cliff to avoid.

Now, lets get on to crafting Power-Chairs! :dance: