Came up with this idea one night so I made some legs for gmod! No more floating around!


Watch in higher quality
Another video thanks to lyoko. (Hey look I’m in it :3:)



Note: Sadly this is not clientside. I had to make it serverside since clientside models don’t like to animate properly.

Please post any bugs or ideas you have.



Wow, I am a faggot.


Nice again BlackOps!!!

P.S. (again…) Are you going to keep working on the portal gun any time soon?

Nice good job

I still am… Kinda… I’m working with a group of people on it.

Make a Solid Snake (MGS2) Skin for it

Nice job

Make this work on hl2 and other mods and you get the internet.

I remember beta testin these things :3:

They were so glitchy and gay before :lol:

I want this for TF2.

Epic!! Thanks alot! -Lua king!

well there is a Solid Snake MGS2 player model around here…and if you use that model you can see his legs so yeah. There you go. And also beautiful job.

Wait, so this reflects the legs of whatever playermodel you’re using, rather than just a default legs for every playermodel?

For example, if I use a custom playermodel, will I see that playermodel’s legs, or will I see the legs of some other model (like Gordon Freeman or a combine)?

This seems kind of a bad question but I just wanted to be sure.

Yea, it will. He uses something to split the player model in half.

That’s awesome.
Wish I could code LUA like that…

Yep, Any player model will work with this. (As long as it’s a normal size :v:)

I make the upper half of the model shrunken using the same technique the inflater uses.

So if I used the model changer to change my model to say, a watermelon, would this change my legs to a watermelon?

That sounds dangerously close to dividing by zero for me.

If there was a Lua god rating I would give 13 and a half of them to you.

The thing that bothers me, is that in thirdperson or multiplayer, you have legs following you :ninja: