Lemming model from Lemmings (PS2/PSP versions) rip, anyone?

Someone wanna rip up a Lemming model from the 2006 Lemmings game? (Either in PS2 or PSP, depending on which one has these cutscenes). They’ve come very far, from DMA Design’s original Amiga version to (currently) Lemmings for the PS3. So once and for all they shall get to see the light

Old and left untouched thread: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1102845
Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFg5b9HI_SE&feature=related

Yes, I know that the PS3 version has a model too. But according to Seibitsu, it’s hard to rip stuff from PS3 games

Come on, people. Who doesn’t love one of the best games created on Amiga? Lemmings was created by DMA Design (today known as Rockstar North), and so was Grand Theft Auto!

EDIT: Oh I see, GMgregster. You just hate puzzle games and them lil’ green-haired guys (including their hero from the Medieval tribe, Lomax) and maybe even classics.

EDIT 2: Look, people. Team 17 continued Lemmings on the PSP, PS2 and PS3. I hope that will encourage at least someone to port the Lemming model from the Lemmings game on PSP/PS2. Model in Lemmings cutscene here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4PAmnAyrms

All right, everyone. The kind of Lemmings model I am referring to is Team 17’s version that came in 2006 on the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2, see below for videos showing them cute bastards.

The advert itself, I’m talking about the Lemmings shown like this from the left: A Climber (Lemming with a helmet, safety first!) using a pickaxe to mine, a regular Walker (Neither Floater, Climber nor Athlete AKA Climber + Floater) and a Builder placing his blocks

These two here are cutscenes, not sure if they’re in-game though

Some kind of “viral” for Lemmings on PS2

Anyone? Is there anyone who enjoys (or still enjoys) Lemmings out there?

I tried playing the game, it was…okay, to say the least. I tried ripping from this game, it was…rather unsatisfying. Unless I am doing something wrong (which tends to be the issue about 80% of the time), I don’t think ripping from this game is possible.

OK… but, I hope you’re ripping the content from an ISO that can be accessed either from a game disc or downloaded as torrent. Because that is where the stuff is (downside is that the right stuff will be hard to find, as you would have to preview 'em all in a modelling program)

I used a disc copy.

Really? Oh, that looks good. These little fellas will now get to meet new friends like those from HL2 and other games

Apparently you didn’t understand what I meant. In my first post, I stated that I think it is impossible to rip from this game (either because I am doing something wrong, or the game just can’t be ripped from without problems). My post after that was answering your concern about where I was ripping it from, in which I told you that it was being ripped directly from the game disc.

I have tried ripping the game files from the disc multiple times after the first post, and I still come across the same errors, even when using other methods of ripping. I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I will have to leave this in someone else’s hands. I don’t think this game is possible to rip from, however, so chances are still slim to none.

Very well, nice try. Now I have to hope that someone else becomes successful with the ripping

1 lemming model, with many bodygroups?

Yeah. Maybe a bodygroup for their helmets (the Climbers for their helmet. Bricks and the sack for the Builders, parasols for Floaters and the pickaxe for Miners, otherwise we could use TF2’s Equalizer model. Anyway, these models plus the helmet should be props), skingroups would be great too, even the 2-player Lemmings that have blue hair and green robes would I happily accept.

About Copycat Lemmings by Peter Spada
It was released in 1998, was originally made for Windows 95 and 32-bit and lower systems (on 64-bit systems the game messes up a little, but is still playable. The Lemmings however, get their palettes inverted) But, when the game was final in August 23, 1998 Peter Spada got copyright problems with Psygnosis (the publishers of Lemmings on Sega Genesis/Megadrive, Master System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System) and got forced to permanently delete the game and the add-on levels that were made.

In the copycat game, their palettes were based on the themes of the levels, they are:

Green hair + blue robes (Default, also Forest/Dirt)
Red hair + pink robes (Fire)
Red hair + yellow robes (Columns, with lots of orange)
Brown hair + grey robes (Pink, why are they called ‘‘pink’’ anyway?)
Blue hair + light blue robes (Blue, like water)

Fate of the Copycat Lemmings game
What’s left of his Copycat Lemmings is this website, now it’s called Cheapo Lemmings. Good thing is that it now uses DirectX 6 (the original used DirectX 5) and works correctly even on Windows 7

SPECIAL thing for the Lemming model, though un-related to the game itself: According to the videos like The Lemmings are Falling, they have Cloth simulation on their robes. That would do nicely with DOTA 2’s upcoming Source Engine feature, which indeed is Cloth simulation

So, uhm. Anyone interested? I think this thread can help a bit, hopefully the Lemming model is somewhere in the Lemmings PS2 ISO

…Well? Somebody?

Also, a mini-update. The “blue” lemmings have dark-blue (but darker than the normal Lemmings) robes and dark azure hair

I’m afraid nobody will be able to take up your request. I already tried doing it myself, as I have stated before, but the results show that this game is impossible to rip from. Unless someone else tries to do this and is successful, or has done it but isn’t posting, I’m afraid your request can’t be done.

Okay… but if the model doesn’t exist in the PSP or PS2 versions, I hope it’s in the PS3 version. (Originally a link to an ISO was here, but removed by request)

EDIT: Anyway, look what I found http://vimeo.com/11552912

The PS3 version would be more difficult to rip from than the PS2 or PSP versions. And I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to give links to sites where people can torrent an ISO, so please remove that from link from your post.

Link is gone, but who plays Lemmings anymore except for the Sega Master System & Megadrive, SNES, Windows and Turbografx 16 versions?

Probably not many people. To my knowledge, it wasn’t an extremely popular game.

I found a model from MMD
Anyone want to port/rig it?