LEMON playermodel

in Gmod my “name” is Lemon so i want to make a Movie or a clip like in the Swedish show “Ballar av stål” = “Balls of steel” when a Pear hits the “safety-man” with a baseball bat but its going to be a Lemon hitting Dr.Kleiner.
So my request it that someone makes a Lemon playermodel.
The model is supposed to look like a lemon with legs arms and eyes but no mouth.
The legs is supposed to be like black tubes and the arms the feets and hands are black balls.
Good luck if someone tries!

There is a tool where you can click on a modle and it becomes a playermodle.

What tool!?
But i need the model itself too?!

Model manipulator. Bad thing is you’d need a huge lemon prop.

Yeah i know that i need the model itself.
That is really the thing i need if someone can and know how to make one.