LemonyStuff's ADV DUPE Pack

Please don’t upload more adv dups. Especially if it’s stuff like this that anyone can make in 5 or less minutes. It may be harsh, but it’s the truth. Theres WAY to many crappy adv dups/kill breen missions filling up garrysmod.org

this is just the start, im doing stuff like turrets that follow you good and evil. and some RC cars and rockets. the list goes on! but yes i agree that the first 2 look rubbish

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ummm… what?

awww… my thread died. i was expecting “oh cool! maybe you could do this and that!” and stuff but NO! you all just HAD to be dicks, huh, you two! seriously… what the fuck

If you expect people to kiss your ass, get the fuck out.

(User was banned for this post (""Get the fuck out"" - Benji))

i dont, i would just like some suggestions from you people. i dont want you lot to kiss my ass!

Like I’ve said before, the stuff you upload takes about 5 minutes to make. Maybe spend weeks or months on something really great before you upload something, rather than becoming a crap factory on full power.

They weren’t being dicks, just telling you the truth.

Oh god, what have I just seen :ohdear:

They were voicing their opinions on your shit, exactly like you wanted. so they had all the right to tell you that it is bad.

And they won’t, adv dupe packs rarely ever get attention, as they don’t usually deserve it.

This adv dupe pack makes me want to barf up my earlier Gatorade into the one I’m currently drinking. I mean, autoturrets using wheels and sign gates? What the fuck!?!?!? I had one on my police cube back when I was first learning wire. And a boat with a seat in it. ZOMGZ IT R UBER 13333337 H4x0Rz!

I wouldn’t mind it if these were actually GOOD. That auto-turret looks ugly, and you’ve tried to make it like it needed a lot of wires by making them thicker.

Boat does nothing, a monkey could make that.
Lamar chair, anyone could do it.
Fireworks, they look like shit.

i agree that it does look ugly. because of all the negative feedback, i am stopping this project. and i agree that the turret looks ugly so i gave it some new skins

Try to build a plane that flies well without keep-upright. :buddy:

read my last post. i have gave up on this because of all the negative feedback i’ve gotten. but thank you for your kindness