Lens Flare off sun

In the future of Rust i would like to see some sort of lens flare when looking at the sun or into the sky. I think it would make the game look more realistic. Tell me your thoughts below.

Not quite lens flare (but I agree that lens flare would be kick ass, along with some chroma-ring or some farther reaching godrays) but it appears from this picture that there are some lens particles present, possibly to be implemented :DDD

Why would Lens Flare make the game look more realistic, are you a camera?

In real life when you look at the sun you can see some sort of lens flare.

Maybe not hardcore realism, but lens effects and sun glares are pretty to look at :slight_smile:

lens flare is so shit, and you don’t actually get it in real life

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I’ve looked at the sun many times and never ever get “Lens flare”


Maybe some toggle-able lens effects/particle effects would make the videophiles happy and the realism-seekers happy?

that’s better than what they did with bf3

where lens flare and massive lights were impossible to remove without mods

always needs more lens flare

Make it like bloom in gmod :v:

I agree, overall as far as lens flares go, BF3 ones were a bit too much, and having them removable w/out mods would’ve been nice. I’m sure over time rust will include more visual effects, and, hearing from the community, will hopefully make them optional to keep everyone happy.


So it’s a realistic since looking at the sun will burn your eyes out

I was playing around w/ Cryengine’s Time of Day settings, set a value on sun glow to be massive and very bright, so when you look DIRECTLY at the sun, you’re basically blinded, but looking near the sun, some effects are still present. Nice balance between realistic eye and realistic lens effects.

this is so pointless, it will just create more unneeded lag

not necessarily, especially if it’s optional.

It’s not possible to see a lens flare without, y’know, a lens in front of your eyes.

The picture in the OP looks more like there’s dust on the lens of a camera, which does make more sense if you’re wearing glasses/goggles that have a little dirt on them.

Good news, everyone! Garry just hired J.J. Abrams to assist the Rust dev team!

(If you’re looking at the sun without lenses and you see lens flare, your eyes are bad or your imagining it.)

anyone who sees lense flare irl have “Video game vision syndrome” where everything in real life looks like a video game.

Are you wearing glasses by any chance?

Because that doesn’t happen with normal eyes without glasses.

and maybe hitting a rock with a pickaxe could make an explosion ? - Micheal Bay

Seriously why in the name of Rincewind , Luggage and Twoflower would you want realism in Rust ? DayZ is all about that and “Rust” can be about something else - or can’t it ? All in all life is about realism… But when I look at the sun in the morning in real life all I want to do is sneeze but I don’t see lens flares but maybe it’s just me! On a philosophical trail of thought I can’t even imagine what potential “Rust” has and why would anyone would like to change that with their own ideas. Don’t you want to be surprised what developers of Rust dish out ? I am certainly anxious! It is like buying early tickets to a concert and complaining that lead guitarist did not play the solo you liked on his personal own web blog post!

As you wanted - this is MY thoughts only and as I have mentioned before I want to be surprised not getting things I imagine would be cool.

But I will say one thing - Garry’s team could have a helluva better Quality Assurance team for stable releases as lately everything feels like it was tested by developers which I consider is wrong turn in development process department! - To Garry :slight_smile: (just criticism)