Leo&Re(NeedClansToFight|Economy|NoCraftC4|ShreDoor |InstCraft) Wiped 01/18

We got other mods such: Bounty, Deathmensagers, groups and nudity on. We played in a server that got admin abused so we rent our on so that would never happen again!
Server name:
press F1 and write net.connect
Server Location:
USA - TEXAS, Dallas.
Slots: 150

Info about the Server:
No Admin Abuse, like I said we ran from lots of admin’s abused servers
PvP On
No Lags
Sleeper ON

Got mods such: Economy: buy, sell, earn money by kill zombies, animals and a 20% from player’s death./ ShareDoors/ Groups/PM/LIST/BOUNTY! and much more!

Hi how are you guys? Server friendly? Can I play on this server?

Looks like a pretty cool server, i’ll stick around for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

Very friendly come to visit us, we got a really cool community!

I really recommend this server. Good to start playing rust and getting familiar with the game.

thanks a lot!