Lerp for Animated Healthbar

I’ve searched for how to do it in lua, at least an example.
I’ve searched for animated HUDs to look at the code for an example.
I’ve messed around with Lerp.

So yeah, I need an example of using Lerp for animated healthbar?

What do you mean with “Animated healthbar”
Something like darkrp one?

local healthValue = 100
local animSpeed = 1.5

–Frame per frame code–

healthValue = Lerp(FrameTime()*Speed,healthValue,LocalPlayer():Health())

HealthValue will increase/decrease to the player health but this “Never” reachs the target (Due source float limitation, this reach after a long time)
This is useful for give smoth animations

–End of frame per frame code–


I have given you one of these before aswell.

you just dont seem to understand/use my code…

Reminds me to log404…That just ignore everyone and post without even asking on the thread for fast questions