Less Animals?

Are Animals rare now? I play some Hours on a server and want to build a furnace but i only find 2 Animals in 4 hours… is this normal or im just blind?

i think there are less animals now. less barrels. less rad towns.

thats the facts on my server anyway.


I’ve noticed less animals and have only found them in the forest. I built my base in the snowy mountains…and I’m regretting that decision now.

They are there but infrequently if you stay put. The solution I find is to get out and about for a Rust day or two gathering enough food for weeks. I think this is what FP wants, you OUT AND ABOUT.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I was to gather a FULL inventory of wood, stones and 16 food only to be SHOT by some KOS 1km from home. Stop laughing FP :slight_smile:

Yah I walked a good distance to hunt and found some animals…but then it seemed they had done drugs before I got there because I could not catch them lol I chased a deer for, not kidding, 15 mins, and then was so happy i killed it I decided to take my supplies back…and got killed. Rough rust night lol

Hey PureDeviance, welcome to the community forums. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I enjoyed reading the posts so I figured I should join to put my 2 cents in xD

Hmm… this will be hard to stay alive…

Not sure I agree. Logged in last night. Fresh map with a wipe from the update. 5 times in a row, I was killed by a bear or wolf within 2 minutes of spawning. Once I met up with my friends, there was very little shortage of animals.

I did, however, find that trees and rock nodes were rather sparse. It didn’t matter where I was, I needed to travel a fair distance to get some rather sparse resouces.

I didn’t have issues finding animals in the forests, however I couldn’t find any in the snow regions or dessert. And I also had issues finding rocks. The dark rocks that you can’t harvest kept tricking me. Id see one in the distance and run to it excited…then cry a little when I got there xD

Seemed to be the other way around for me. Trees were very sparse. Finding rocks led to pretty good yields, but they were pretty few and far between. Not sure if that was just the server we were on, but one of the guys I was playing with said he was on another server earlier in the day and was seeing the same thing there.

And I was also fooled by those rocks in the distance. Ran to them thinking I hit the jackpot only to find them to be duds. :confused:

Have to agree that there are less animals. We went through three different maps and have seen a noticeable reduction in animals. They’re definitely still there, but on average it was taking 10 minutes for people to find animals. When people found them, it was always a bear.

Desert landscapes have lots of metal, vise versa for trees…

I opend now my Own Server with my Multigaming Community and there are enough Animals now… There you dont need to travel over the full map… barrels are too comon now. The only thing we need are some players… :slight_smile: