Let Client "See" Certain Players Through Walls

The position of players does not update when a client is not near the other player, or when they are through walls. I want a player to be able to see certain players through walls with a halo that you can see through walls, works fine until they either go far away, or behind something, then it doesn’t update. How do I make it update?

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You’ll probably have to detour it to work for players though

To clarify on above: TRANSMIT_ALWAYS is the return value you’re looking for in the overridden method.

What’s a detour? All I can find when googling “GMod Lua Detour” is hacks.

You can’t use SENT hooks on players. You’ll have to use the SetupPlayerVisibility hook and add the origin of each player to your target’s visibility set.

This is an example of detouring:

local old_include = include
function include(fn)
    print("Including "..fn)
    return old_include(fn)

Also detouring isn’t specific to GLua, it’s a technique used in many programming languages.