Let devs invite 1-2 friend dev to the game ;D

It would be REALLY cool if the devs who got access can invite 1-2 Team devs then they can work together and not the 1 in 2021 and the other gets first in 2025 access.

This system was already implemented before, if you were a dev you could just tell Garry who were with you and he’d give them keys, no questions asked.

That was abused to hell and back and it was how a LOT of idiots who couldn’t develop anything to save their lives got in.

If it were added I’m sure history would repeat itself, and seeing as there are now many more devs it would drive Garry crazy, at least with the method we have now we can assure everyone is somewhat versed with at least a field of game development.


Yeah ok its just sad that my friend / my m8 who i am programming together has today got it and i need to wait like 30 days. And We programm many things together


I agree, that’s one of the biggest flaws of this system, it’s very much oriented around the person and not the team.

The first time around you received 5 keys to give to anyone, then with nominations you could nominate your team members as soon as you got in, and with the last key waves, you just had to ping Garry. This problem is very unique to the queue and wasn’t an issue at all with previous methods.


yeah he can just give me a key just for good measure XD :wink:


Or wait those 30 days


I have a friend that’s much more likely to develop on s&box than I am, but I got access first because I contributed 2 gmod addons almost 3 years ago.

I love s&box, but I’m currently occupied with other projects and honestly I wish I could just gift the game to him instead. Maybe one day I’ll find the time to play with s&box more.