Let Me AXE You a Question! (Some dude is about to get killed. Mmmk?)

**Let Me AXE You a Question! **




tears need some work

First time doing tears. I tried to look for a tutorial, no luck. I tried doing it anyway.


Let me AXE you a question, is that a bad joke or what?

The joke is that it is a bad joke. :smith:

How come half the comments in the screenshot sections are always something that isn’t really related to the picture itself?

“Game over, man, GAME OVER” is a bad line yet nobody cares about that.

[sp]I don’t care how good the movie was, that line is terrible.[/sp]

I think it was bad too.


Your earlier point is unfortunately proven true.

Those tears can be pushed more towards the nose

I’ll remember that, thanks.

FYI: Tears don’t lighten the skin, they darken it where it’s wet. The lightness would be coming from the reflection of the light in the teardrop toward the bottom (there may also be some light reflection on the wet skin, but it’s easier just to make it darker) :eng101:

Shoot the bitch! Whether that be Rochelle or Jack Nicholson I’ll let the OP decide.
Bloodwork on the wall looks a little pasted on.

The tears look like cum. No offense mate. I like the DOF on the ax though.

Why isn’t he shooting the axeman?

editings a bit sloppy
but looks pretty good overall

That line is brilliant, what is wrong you man.

Axey is angry.