Let me be the first to say that this game is wonderful!

based on what I played so far (I was able to create a bow and hunt some before dying) I think this game is fricken fantastic for being only in alpha! Seriously the fact that overall everything seems to be working nicely and i have not really ran into a bug yet (except for a pants bug but that was more funny then game breaking) signifies that this game is on track. I have had interaction with people war over resources that did not escalate into violence just scaring each other off. But I have possible suggestions

  1. In order to make people cooperate more possibly make some late structures and buildings only build able with multiple people trying to build them. This would not only incentive’s people to work together and form factions with random people, this would also possibly bring in game play features such as paying people to help your build something or even possibly enslavement under force to make people help you build stuff or be shot on the spot.

  2. make creating/finding ammo much harder. This was one of the negatives I noticed was that when i was running around doing my own business i was being shot at by someone with a pistol it took him 3 clips worth of pistol ammo to finally hit me in the back of the head and finally kill me. ammo should be a incredibly rare commodity possibly make ammo only by using a ammo press which would be rarely found in zombie filled areas or require a hefty amount of resources to create. That or go the metro 2033 route and have dirty rounds and army ammunition.

  3. as a fill in for regular guns if they were made more rare possibly make muskets/ball and cap revolvers a idea to make into a game. making revolves/muskets would require possibly the same effort as regular guns (maybe make regular guns a blue print) but the ammo would be much more available and easier to make due to just making the shot (smelting which you can already do) and ramming gunpowder down the barrel. make the guns unable to snipe at extreme distances to be realistic and reduce frustration of newer players.

  4. It would be awesome to have natural mounts like horses

  5. A in depth damage system would be pretty awesome and help add immersion. Like imagine if you fell and you could break you legs causing you to run slower until you made a splint. if you took a blow to the head it would blur your vision. maybe be able to become infected from wounds and have to treat them.

Overall though for being alpha I see great and wonderful potential for this game. I hope it takes off and becomes successful, possibly even as much as dayz did. But one thing I do not want to see happen to this game that I saw in dayz was just 24/7 every day death match dealings between players and no sorta of creation of groups or factions to help accomplish goals.

Well, your not the first to say, and there are large content, game-play and optimization gaps with this alpha product that needs to be closed.

The game does have great potential. . .and that’s all I’ll agree on now.

You must be new here.

yes I am what is the problem?

why are you guys being so harsh to this guy. he’s brand new and already contributing ideas. whats wrong with that? And I like your ideas they make sense.


oh I swear in the description for my death it said I was shot in the head area

I never said there was a problem, nor was my statement meant to be taken in any sort of negative manner. Usually I see a kind of dark “Meh” mood to everyone’s posts, that’s what Rust does to you. It was actually kind of refreshing to see an optimistic way of looking at things. It’s my fault for not elaborating on my original post. Apologies if you were offended in any way.

why is there a meh mood?

I mean is there major issues or hurdles facing this game I don’t know about under the hood that destine the game for failure?

I mean at first to be honest I face palmed when I found out it was a browser game when I first bought it but to be honest the game looks pretty amazing considering and how well it runs.

I would just like to know exactly why there’s a crappy mood in everyones post I mean it’s not like the game is in beta yet even it’s still in alpha but it runs well and the interface feels nice and clean for inventory is such, placing stuff down like the houses and stuff seems moderately well done.

plus the guy behind it is garry from garrys mod it’s not like it’s some random team or person making it where it’s a crapshoot.

I am not offended in any way I just want a good reason why everyone has this mood I noticed from what I have read with the server problems and such…