Let me grab my rod.

So I know nobody’s probably going to read this, but I feel like this suggestion would implement a lot more fun in Rust…

I think fishing would be a great addition to this game. Not only does it add a new way to obtain food, but it also adds a new heart racing fear knowing that anybody could kill you at any time. (Especially with the +alt deal), I feel that it would make this game much more fun. Knowing that anybody could be behind you at any time, waiting to kill you. Also, it would be an amazing time killer.

Take it or leave it, but I’ve always felt that this game could use one of the most survivor-savvy skills known to man.


Not quick enough :wink:

https://trello.com/c/EcZvAKIO/18-fishing-traps Once the Rivers are finished the Fish will be put in the river then that’s when we get a fishing rod

I would absolutely love this. Thanks for the information everyone!