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Got banned for the first time off a server today for “hacking”, never hacked before in my life lol. We were banned because the owner came online and checked our KDR and saw it was unusually high due to us running around and killing nakeds at hanger for over 2 hours. One kid had been bitching about it all day. So out of nowhere without the admin saying a word or investigating anything other than our KDR he kicked and banned me and my two friends and blocked us on steam so we couldn’t even appeal it. So you be the judge. Oh and he rewards 50 planks per day for voting on a website for his server which he disabled the comments for so here I am. You guys can decide…

9/3 US/EU WWofR AntiBag/Cheat|PvP|Sleeper|1/2Craft|Remove


Owner(Moron Who Banned Us): UpsetStarship

(User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive thread title, crap thread" - postal))

well if the admin is not keeping up with his server and not sorting out the hackers for the players that are not hacking then he should not be a admin and he should here what you have to say first and then he will find out that he can not control a server.so on that hand he should not have a server . :slight_smile:

Usually your best bet is to look on the server list on this forum’s subforum. Post your rant there that way the server will show its negative feedback.

heh, same shit different day. i don’t know your situation, or if you did/didnt do what you are accused of, but upset tends to run a pretty tight ship in regards to fleecing out the hackers from the pros. and is regularly on their forums, so you can contact them there. also, how would you know what they have researched about you? they keep extensive logs about all the player activity, i doubt it was purely on kill ratios.

go to the ban appeal forum for their servers if you want to appeal their decision. as a suggestion, maybe provide some video proof rather than hearsay like “they were just mad we were owning them”. or, y’know, just move on?

Sadly I didn’t record anything and moved on. I dont want to appeal to rejoin a server that bans off one person’s word without discussing it with the player and blocks them immediately. And your right but based off what the one person who said anything about us being hackers said it was the KDR then the admin kicked us. If he looked a the logs he would have seen we probably didnt kill anyone with the same spot killing blow twice ina row which is THE tell tale sign of a hacker.

Sorry to hear that, buddy. But you know, you can always look for another server.

i forgot to put this on my last post on here
" yeah you should also look for another server"

What do you expect, it’s the “Wonderful” world of rust.

If you would’ve run around on my server and extensively kill new spawns and nakeds I would have banned you, too. It ruins the game experience for people who maybe plan to play on the server for a longer period of time.

It was the same nakeds over and over that just kept coming back to try to loot shit. Regardless thats beside the point we were banned for “hacking” not killing the server pop. Actually I don’t even know because nothing was said to us lol.

Friend, Rust is like roguelikes: prepare for inesperated, crazy shit to happen. If you don’t get killed, you will be robbed or hacked (in the way of some fliying guy killing you with one shoot). The only thing you can do right now is forbid it and keep going. Go to another server AND THIS TIME ask people (while admin off, of course) if the admin is active and if he isn’t a jerk. That way you can prevent this stuff to happen.

Post ur steam account. Upset is usually pretty good about having evidence against you. If u appeal and he has no evidence other than kdr im posative he will ask you to record qnd he will unban you

Upset doesn’t simply ban on another players word - You probably got collared by the AntiHack or something not right in the logs would be my bet

Not once because we don’t hack. He also banned all 3 of us. Here’s the post that got us banned. He fucking blows. I’ve moved on and others should be warned.


Don’t wanna appeal to be on a server with an admin like that lol.