Let "Serious RP" Die.


*None of the bullshit lyrics. Just the concept of the song.

I’ve realized over many months of being on this forum everyone is proclaiming that, “Serious RP” will solve all of our problems in Garry’s Mod, and that we need to go back to the days of The Specialist. I have a word for all of you who say that… Go fuck yourselves. You guys are the reason RP is dieing. Cause you have some world renown belief that we need to go back to the days of dos roleplay or cyber games, and attempt to relive them by your mindset. You all say, “Well if we had Pk, NLR, and No Metagame” everything would be fixed. You know what I miss? I’ll admit it. I was a Gaia Online kid. I miss playing on forums like Demonic Mansion, Slave RP, all that good shit. You wanna know something though? Even though people know each others characters from the mainpage they still roleplayed. Even though they still saw actions done by players 100’s if not 1000’s of miles away they would make some roleplayish event, and let everyone know what was going on. Is that metagame? No. It’s called embracing the environment, making situations, including everyone.
You know what I’ve seen from “Serious RP” servers like TnB, Kuros, Apple Cider, and otherwise? A bunch of turkeys walking down the slaughter house. They act brainwashed, unmoved, uncaring, and do what ever the admins/leaders tell them to do cause the admins/leaders make the stories not the players. See the irony in this? You can’t rp anything anymore without breaking rules. You can’t make your own story without people bitching about something. Lighten up. That’s all I can fricking say.

Too all of the admins out there,

You are not gods. You are still an average Joe. Learn to roleplay before you bitch about me rp’ing a drunk firefighter (No offense to any admins at PD). Learn that your role in a server is no important then mine or another players you’re only difference is your gifted the ability to aid the server when it’s UNDER ATTACK. You should only have to defend the server when the server is under attack by a crasher/lagger not a kid who’s rdming, not a kid who’s trolling… Leave that to people who fulfill the police officer role.

That also reminds me of something… Mayors. Everyone seems to get pissy for the smallest reasons. The mayor declares themselves a Fascist Leader, and wish to exterminate all Female Players? Let them. It’s still roleplay. I’ve also seen people get incrediably anal about mayors making laws which to refer real life laws.
I recall a friend of mine making a law stating…
“No Guns Out In Public”
First thing people do? Rage, and state the rules of the server say you can’t do that.

So with both of those two topics discussed I ask cause I need some clearing on this… Shouldn’t RP rules only dictate the following?

Oh wait. I forgot… Their isn’t any rules which need to be followed because it should be common sense not to crash servers.

I’m sorry for sounding like I’m rageing, but it’s my opinion… You guys need to stop acting like turkeys and sucking up to whatever your community leader demands. The more we rely on admins, the less roleplay you’ll get.

gmod rp is its own type of rp, stop comparing it to forum roleplay (why the fuck would you spend time doing rp on a fourm anyway) and shit.

but yeah, a fun and maybe good rp would be to set a type of theme then letting the players do whatever they want in it, no restrictions. Let the players create the roleplay in the theme.

i remember back in '07 when people actually wanted to buy a gun and wanted to shoot someone, not darkrp style. but real roleplay was involved and things actually was going on.

You are the reason this section sucks.

My god, can the Rp fourm even make a thread that just isn’t a rant.


Like i said before,
the RP section turned out into a “rant/opinion” war instead of normal RP discussions.

A thread is not going to change it!

But what does we do darth… :C

We lost all ability too discuss roleplay properly, and rants are the only thing that get fapping attention!

Heres our problem,
we have:

  1. Super Serious RP
  2. Shit Dark RP

Wheres the middle-ground?

I don’t like playing in a elitist Nazi regime, but I don’t like the unorganized bullshit mess that dark rp has become,
Why can’t we just have a server that has organization, solid rules, and a solid storyline without elitist Nazi regimes?

Shit, you don’t even need a solid storyline.

The middle ground originally was PERP, but the issue with that is Orgs tend to cause metagaming up the ass, and usually will farm shit cause they can afford to lose a little bit for being minges.

You state a valid opinion, and your examples make a decent argument. I felt the same about admins, however if RDM gets to a ridiculous level that finally it resorts to half the server being killed over and over, don’t you think an admin should step in and do something? Trolling is a more Out Of Character thing, if done ICly, I really wouldn’t care unless they were harassing a player.

An admin’s duty is not to nazi RP, but they need to keep some order in the server too, Joe, not just upholding server integrity. Server integrity is priority number one, after that’s insured they should continue to enforce the rules as to stop massive trollery or RDM, if it’s against the rules. My argument is that admins only uphold a simple integrity of the server, but are for what their name stands for: Administration. They should administrate the server, not the RP. However, if someone’s harassing other players in a way of trolling or RDM, that shouldn’t be allowed, or we’ll just be reliving the irreputable thing Dark RP is famous for.

Your thread states good points, but administrators should continue to watch over server rules that aren’t directly RP-related, such as DM, player harassment, spamming, and (evil) minge-related attributes. Thread voted useful.

Funny, furrys cause all the drama with gmodrp.

You make good points. There has to be a way to somehow keep a democracy on a server. Like you need a ton of votes to kick someone etc

Yesterday, me and a three of my friends all got in a car and started driving around. Our driver was the mayor. We roleplayed that we were drunk (albiet on gasoline, we were being a bit silly at the time) and started driving like we were drunk. A cop sees us and pulls us over. He walks over to our car and says “wtf were you doing back there?” So we all start rambling like we’re wasted and when the cop says “well, I’m afriad we’re going to have to arrest you for reckless driving.” The mayor yells out “OH SHIT MY HANDS ARE HUGE!” And drives off as fast as he can. The cops chase us, but the mayor was an amazing driver, especially good at escaping in a chase, and we got away. We still swerved a lot and acted like we were drunk, but we managed it none the less. We crashed into other cars a few times, but no one really got hurt. Then the cop who had pulled us over started getting butthurt over OCC. He said “OMG YOU CAN’T DRUNK DRIVE IF UR MAYOR!” So I said back “Why not? The mayor is still human. He’s just as capable of getting drunk and getting in a car as anyone else.” Then he said “LOL IT’S AGAINST THE RULES DUMBASS.”

If I can’t get in a car with my friends and act like I’m drunk on gasoline, how can you call it RP?

The mayor got wasted on my server and we were in the limo together drunk driving, heh.

Drunk driving rp, that’s a new one for me!

Hello. Just because you enjoy old school RP (I do as well) it doesn’t mean we should stick to that and that only. Other people enjoy having the ‘metagame’ and ‘NLR’ rules. How can you say we all act brainwashed? Do you go to every community and question every single member on their view of the leader? I think not.

You’ve clearly had a bad experience of some DarkRP server, grow up.

Actually I do goto every RP server before knit-picking.

I usually stay out of small time Dark RP servers, but I’ve had my fair share with…


  • Infusion
  • Vent Mob
  • Reich RP
  • and many others.

I’ve pretty much stated my feel on most serious rp servers is “A one sided freak show where the twelve year old gets to rage, and bash people’s skulls in”
Before I actually came to this forum the only “serious rp” I actually liked was kuromekus. Other then that many RP’s now a days revolve around generic concepts, repeated bitch slapping, or one side freak showing.

Infusion is slowly straying from serious.

Ah cool, which of his servers did you play on at the time?

HL2 RP(Server 1 I think).

I was considered by a good few being the dirty blonde prick with a scar on his back.