"Let the girl go!"

“What an incredibly poor choice of words. You idiot! evil laugh


Those rabbids are in erry picture now its gettin kinda repetive(oh the irony)

Nice picture though.

I like seeing these generic scenes done with Rabbids. It’s a nice change.

Any more comments on this one?

Maybe make the tip of the revolver the only sharp part and blur the rabbids just a little?

Just an idea.

That rabbit is blazed.

It’s amazing how well they can make expressions when their face is just two comically oversized eyes and a mouth with serious overbite.

You gotta know how to utilize their ears.

I laughed.

I love that :smug: look the evil rabbid’s giving.

Trying to remember where this quote is from…

Oh yeah Batman. It’s probably been used hundreds of times though.


i didn’t lol :frowning: maybe i don’t know where the rabbits are from