Let the hexing begin!

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What about ragdolls.
Alot of people want their ragdolls hexed nowadays.

OK Ragdolls to leave your URL right here

Oh, I don’t need any hexing.
I do my own.

I was just wondering if you did more than just weapons.

More hexing options = more requests.

Do you decompile and add animations too?
(yes, I do that too)

More pillz:


And my favorite gun besides the colt:

copied from the anyone want any guns hexed thread

oh and if you’re doing ragdolls


Oh, could you just hex the world models, the guns just replace cs:s and l4d stuff

S.O.B.R. http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/45345

Israelian Soldier http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/16221

PARANOIA Alpha CT http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/49266

There, now you have something to work with.

Roger that!

Sorry but i can only hex the PARANOIA Alpha CT, i need a models folder in the .rar

thanks tbh

btw do anyone know how to upload a file on facepunch studio? I’m a n00b you see!

Either upload to filefront, garrysmod.org, other filesharing sites.

You can’t upload directly to the forums.

I’ve just uploaded it to garrysmod.org Thx 4 the help!



hey, would you be able to hex these for me?

i just need the w_models of the glock n’ m4…

Damn. I was hoping for A Tutorial on Hexing

Hexing sucks, it’s buggy and it’s a hackjob.

Recompiling is the better way.

Pack Done, look at the top!

Haven’t had any trouble hexing so far. And you need a lot more time and extensive tools if you want to recompile.

I like spetsnaz :slight_smile: