Let The Sunshine o

small posing with very very bad shadow :s


I don’t know why, but compared to everything else the people look huge.

Posing seems strange.

Posing is pretty bad and the shadows are kinda lol. I assume this is a scene-build? If so, very well done on that.

Outstanding Scene build (gm_bigcity, right?), but work a bit on your posing.

merci bliblix thanks

I’ve been looking at the picture in more detail:

The scenebuild is superb. Great job on that.

The posing is really bad though. The guy walking looks pretty unnatural because he has only one heel and his toes on the ground, something that only happens for a millisecond in our steps. I’m not saying it’s unrealistic, but it looks strange in a pose. The other thing is his shoulders; who the heck walks like that? It looks like he is very injured. The guy on the right is okay but he looks a little off balance and I think the woman’s legs are bent too much.

As for the editing, the lens flare is okay but it kinda obscures the picture and is distracting to the eye. The shadows are really bad, mainly because they look hand drawn. The shadows also start at random points and pass over other objects in a really unrealistic way and, with no other lighting having been added (sides of objects out of the sun shaded, for instance), they look quite out of place.

So keep up the scene-building and work on your posing! Still experiment with Photoshop but I think you should post the unedited pictures until you are more confident in your editing abilities.

Again, great scene-building.

That one shadow looks like an alien. Also lensflare and weak posing. You need some more practice.


This table’s a spy.

^I spy? I was going to say it was a teletubby :frowning:

now that you drew my attention to the shadows,i can see that they look way bad…