Let us sum up the most pathetic admins/servers you have ever experienced

In my time on GarrysMod i have encountered my fair share of idiotic admins, fail servers and downright childish people, but today i experienced one of the most ignorant and ass’ish ones to date.

So i went onto a GmodBuildRP Server (Friend wanted me to help him on Wire) and i tried to use No Collide, but was prompted with a chatlog telling me to Donate for no collide access.

So i said in chat;

Malfatto: Only donators can use no collide, thats just cheap.

I assumed a bunch of five year olds would rage at me, but the admin said this.

Alex Lollypop: Well we do not force you to play here, you are free to go
Alex Lollypop: Donators needs some advantages

Now this is something i hate, everyone seems to use “NOONE IS FORCING YOU, YOU DONT HAVE TO BE HERE” Excuse every time someone makes a comment, that really grinds my gears because its pathetic that noone can say anything without getting bullied out 95% of the time.

So i followed with this;

Malfatto: But i do have freedom of choice and opinion, so im going to stay regardless of the inconviniences
goose1471: can i geb a destert eagle please
Malfatto: Yea but nocollide is very basic to many players

Trying not to argue and trying to just relax and help my friend, someone in voice chat says

“Stop arguing”

I replied with;

Malfatto: When was i complaining, only pointed outa fact

This then followed with another admin saying to me how noone is forcing me to be here and if i didnt like the server that i should leave.

So i replied with;

Malfatto: I never said i didnt like the server, why do you keep using that as a defence mechanism?
Malfatto: Im just saying its a cheap move, freedom of speech n whatnot.

Tell me, did any of you see from this previous log that i have said i didnt like the server?

But then, as i start building again im granted with a big ol kick window saying;

Disconnect: Kicked by Console : “Stick your opinions up your butthole smartass”.
Disconnect: Kicked by Console : “Stick your opinions up your butthole smartass”.

At that moment, i generally lost hope for the majority of roleplaying servers, i dont roleplay myself and normally have nothing against them, my friend just wants me to help him with wire now and then.

So now prompts what i wanted to ask.

What is the most pathetic admin/server/kick/etc you have ever recieved?

-ps, sorry if this is in the wrong thread, it isnt roleplayer oriented its just my experience-

wtf nonwire thrusters

I was on one where the admin and a few players relentlessly hunted me down with stupid shit. Some guy had this thing that would delete my stuff, and the admin had this washing machine gun. What the fuck.

I used to know a guy who ran a server. We were friends IRL, and I asked him if he could add a playermodel to the server. He was like “No dude, it’s so tedious to add things you have to access the server via FTP and create each individual folder path” etc. and made it sound like the hardest fucking thing in the world.
The playermodel was like 10 files, at most.
The next time I log in, he had managed to add two fucking Kermite packs to the server.

I came into the d3vine rp server, and this admin called imurdermurders teleported me to the top of the 45th apartment then I got permabanned for the reason “Meatwad”

How stupid right?

Dammit meatwad form into a chair and be useful

So many things… So little time.

Heres my old story from when I still modiveatly enjoyed TnB:

Playing on TnB I was pretty much left to just hang out on the ghettos of City8. For awhile, it wasn’t half bad, but I had this one assholish MP which I believe was a judge (can’t remember what the yellow patches are), and at first he was pretty civilized. He said, “Citizen. You can not be here.” I pretty much shurgged, and left. The next thing I know I get a fucking stun baton to the back of the head, and the same guy saying, “CITIZEN. YOU CAN’T BE HERE” I told him on local ooc “Dude…? I was leaving, was I not?” the guy flipped shit at me. He began cussing, and stating that I clearly couldn’t roleplay, and I asked him straight forward what was he honestly expecting me to do. He replied, “You’re suppose to give me your CID!” I went, “Then why the fuck didn’t you just ask for the damn thing?” he then ran off, and began raging to all the MP’s.

So while I was walking down the street I hear a shit-ton of SMG fire. Roleplaying I hit a wall, and peered out to see whats going on… You know whats happening? The fricking Judge dude is randomly spraying his SMG on the town’s industrial area killing civilians, and killing anyone who attempts to pick them up. I went, “HOLY SHIT… REALLY?” and I ran down into the sewers, and waited for the gunfire to chill. I then went back up, and found the nearest admin, and told him about the situation, and he called the damn Judge in roleplay radio, and all of a sudden the pshyco bitch is trying to kill me now. So I bolted when I pulled out his SMG, and he ended up opening up, and blasting lead into every other CP while trying to chase me. I managed to get too the train tracks before hiding behinde a very dark spot on the train area, and waited hoping this shit would pass long enough for me to bail to the canals.
So… You may be asking. What happened? Well I’ll tell you what happened… The admins who got shot by the judge ended up banning me for 30 minutes with the reason, “FAIL RP” I came back, and asked them about it, and they said, “You were breaking the rules.” I replied in a smartass remark, “Not much more then you meta-gaming, and ass-gunning” I then get banned for a day for, “Disrespecting Admins”

Yup. That’s the story of my great adventures with pshyco cop, and crack admin.

That sums up 99% of all RP servers…

Ah, disrespecting admins, the most retarded rule ever created. “I can talk shit to you all I want, but if you say anything back to me that I could possibly percieve in any way to be any minor form of what I consider disrespect I can perma-ban you.”

This Server, Shit… its not Gmod, but it still applys

I was banned for 30 minutes on Exiled Server’s PERP Server for Killing about 100+ people in an hour with a car. I don’t know why I wasn’t permabanned.

I’ve been on a freebuild server before, filled with people DMing, building in the sky, etc.

So after being killed about 30 times trying to build something simple (I was a noob at building), I simply used my general FPS experience to wipe out every hostile in the server. I was promptly permabanned for “being a faggot” by killing the admin (who used some instantkill deagle) with a crowbar.

Someone from this little list is probably going to bitch and moan about my ban practises. Threads like this (and unban requests) make me chuckle.

Says I have to be registered.

Nice try :colbert:

I don’t deal with the website side of things, so that’s not my fault. Basically a tonne of people crying about a 1 day ban, saying there’s been admin abuse, then I extend their ban to 6 months.

When i was younger…I always wanted to know how far i could push a server before it crashed.(This was about a year ago but i now know better not to) I remember going on a sandbox server and decided to build a 200 prop tower of explosive barrels. As i am building it, two admins walk by me and just stare at me for about 10 minutes.

They said nothing, just stared at me. When I tried to set the thing off I stopped and saw someone perma-banned on the server for just (being a noob at wiremod) and when i asked why the player was banned. They replied the player didn’t know how to use wiremod and asked how to make a speedometer.

I don’t get how that worked out but apparentally they never cared how I could crash the server while they cared for a wiremod noob. It just does not make any sense.

Did the server crash?

Along time ago on a Noxious or Green Zombie Survival server, I got ass-raped by a zombie. I had low health, and there was 2 medics.

I asked for some health, 1 medic evidently healed everyone else but me, and the other could not speak English. Even in writing in all caps in the basic words to describe something in the English dictionary.

Then a clearly intelligent player, thinking he is above everyone because he as a “British” accent, said to me “They don’t have to heal you if they don’t want to”. I replied “Hey dumbass, why would they choose the medic class if they only want to heal for themselves”. Then it carried on into an idiot battle saying medic is only for you, with the option to heal others.

Then another time that I know for sure was a Noxious server, I asked why can’t I buy ammo from the F2 (I believe) menu?

I got a response saying: It’s not fucking hard to aim. Implying zombie’s don’t move and weapons have perfect accuracy and the bullets are automatically suppose to curve and hit the target.

To sum it all up people are assholes when they are higher ranked then other people or are on rp.

Noone is ever happy on roleplay

No…but they didn’t even notice it. They had their attention on something else less important apparently.

Just kid/pre-teen/teens with emotional/mental issues.

95% of ttt server admins are bat shit insane calling rdm at least 8 times a round. Some admins argue that giving someone 3 warnings to stop following you over the course of a minute or so then shooting them is rdm.