Let us sum up the most pathetic admins/servers you have ever experienced

I agree with Mutex. The rules for TTT differ from server to server and one act that is harmless on server A can get you banned on Server B. There needs to be ground rules agreed by everyone. But that is not going to happen…Sadly :frowning:

That’s why you don’t play on NoX or Greens? Problem solved.

Mics aren’t allowed on Nox. Highlight for me on GMod is when an admin named Rover enabled them for 30 seconds. (ZS does NOT mix well with a clusterfuck of 12-year-olds, trolls as well as music spammers.)

Worst ban reason ever is: “No” on a random RP server.

Actually for the 2nd one, I typed it out knowing that mic’s were disabled now that I remembered. But either way…:frowning:

Much experiences with that kind of ban.

I got permabanned from a server for ‘rating with out a good reason’

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despite the fact i was fucking around on there like a week before

Not really my own experience, this happened to the folks at the bob dole steamgroup you may/may not have heard of (they stream movies on weekends). One person decided to make a group for fun called the cult of bob dole, then on a convictgaming TTT server, they decided to get some people to join them in livestream to watch a couple of movies and join this group, the server owner, being such a douche instantly mistook this for “Recruiting” or “Advertising” and permabanned everyone still in the group, regardless of whether or not they did anything, he didn’t even look into this to see whether or not they actually deserved it.


Just today I was playing on an RP server and witnessed 3 admins (The kind of admin you buy :jerkbag:) slaughtering civilians mercilessly and banning anyone who fought back. Judging by their voices, they were all <14. The chaos that followed I nicknamed the “Ass-rapening” which involved the acquisition of powerful admin weapons left over by the long-gone Prepubescent Admins.

Go onto OCRP,admin abuse all the way.

OCRP has a few bad admins, but most of the time they’re good and don’t abuse.

I think I’ll add this too the list,

Roleplay Servers with the rule, “Don’t bitch on OOC” now normally a good 75% of us can easily say that’s a good rule. But! There is a major fault with this rule… It’s used to get away with shit. The most notorious would be PE with Rule 44(before it closed). The rule was meant for good, but whenever someone broke, and rule, and someone would complain about it, the next player would just state Rule 44. With this many organizations/gangs began using Rule 44 as a way to get away with this. Someone says you metagame? Claim Rule 44. Someone says you rdmed? Rule 44. Someone says you caused a mass gang war which cost the server almost $75,000 in net profit? You guessed it, claim Rule 44.

What was even worse was the fact that admins saw this problem from miles-away, but they were too busy trying to keep server rep that they kept their mouths shut. So instead of any justice being done with Rule 44 you had more problems being caused, and player would use it for a fall guy rule to get away from breaking other rules.


Don’t worry, you’ll get it eventually.

On an RP server with goremod I accidentally splattered the admin with my Jalopy as I drifted around the corner. I then proceeded to place unrestricted Butane canisters from EP2 into people’s shops and ignite them. At one point I ignited it first and then threw it with the Physgun and it soared gloriously through the air and sailed into someone’s gun shop and exploded. I went inside and saw blood everywhere and stole the guns and then got banned.

Oh god VC is still pissed about that lol He’s unbanning some people I belive

being banned because my name reminded him of chocolate and he got hungry

Admins would ban my friend for stupid reasons and abuse all his friends eg: One of our friends started selling ammo ed had made a shitload.Kaz then comes in and fucking blows it up

One time, when I was playing on a DarkRP server on downtown, I walked into the waiting room area of the PD. The door was unlocked because an officer had just walked in. I stopped and asked if I could see the mayor, as I wanted to see if I could get a gun license. The officer the turned around, hit me five times with a stunstick and said “GET OUT YOU DUMB FUCKING KID!”

I then responded by saying “why do you even have a waiting room if no one can come in? Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of it?”

I was then permabanned with the reason “Being a smartmouth faggot asshole.”

spawn 5 props