Let us sum up the most pathetic admins/servers you have ever experienced

I joined at got kicked. Boohoo.

This thread is a perfect example of three things:

why we can’t have nice things
why I can’t stand RP
why I started my own server.

It’s really unfortunate the gmod community can be that pathetic

Out of all of the communities I’ve been on Gmod seems to be the one that just makes me downright apalled at times. (this is coming from someone who played Halo a lot back in the day)

Just about every DarkRP server I’ve played on has some bullshit going on at some point.

went to a build server on gm_construct, it was rather cluttered on the ground so i created a series of elevators that lead to one of the skyscrapers. i get to the top and start building something (cant remember what) and the admin yells
“no prop surfing” so i reply with
“i was made an elevator…see” (prop goes up and down by itself)
“i dont care” (insta ban reason: bad liar)

Guys… now i want to know this.

Has some admin been a douche with you in Deathclan’s server? I don’t care much but you know, “fixing” the admin is a good start

That’s just because PE sucked shit. The administration team seemed to never have a clue what they were doing.

As soon as an admin joined he banned everybody else in the server for the reason “Not as cool as me”.

joined darkrp
became thief
lockpicked into admins shop
stole all his gunshipments
got banned


Got kicked from a server a bit ago. Reason: “fuck you”.

I was building a car (since vehicles weren’t allowed unless they were custom built), and after a couple hours built an awesome vehicle. It was incredible. The admin challenged me to a race against his actual not-custom Jalopy. I beat him horrifically. He proceeded to permaban me.

I was on an RP server a few days ago and I chose to be a Thief. Now of course as most people know thieves steal things. So I proceeded to hold up a gun dealers shop and rob him of his guns. I ran out of there are fell off a small ledge which killed me. (it kind of sucked)

Second time around after about half an hour I got another gun. Ran in there and yelled “This is a stick up! Give me all your guns” A cop came in so I shot him and the shop owner. I ran back to my house and locked up the shipment. 2 seconds later I get teleported to spawn. An admin had frozen me and he asked me-

Admin: Did you just random RDM that shop owner and that cop?
Me: No, I told him that this was a stick up and then shot the cop because he would have killed me.
Admin: That’s RDM
Me: How is that RDM if I’m a Thief and I told the shop owner that it was a stick up?
Admin: You shot the cop
Me: Of course, he would have shot me if I did not…
Admin: No, you Random Death Matched.

(Message comes on screen) “YOU ARE BEING KICKED FOR RDM”


Ya. I guess in his perfect world thieves can’t steal…

I just have to laugh at that admin. Imagine if he had been in the same situation and the cop yelled RDM. The cop would’ve been perma’banned.

This is the exact reason I don’t play RP. I would love to play RP, but I have never seen a server that actually allows you the freedom to do so.

Maybe you should stay away from DarkRP.

I’ve said this several times to many people in regards to RP gamemodes. Their all the same dude. Get over it. Gmod RP,Dark RP, Lite RP, PERP, and TnB… Same shit different code.

The amount of times I’ve been kicked or banned for RDM when I’ve been a thief, or self defence. I must say the most hysterical is when I was a cop, we had a search warrant for a house, we searched it, and found a admin who built a house out of illegal weapon shipments, money printers and drugs. So destroyed them all and he started shooting at me, the 8 year old noob he was he had no aiming experience at all so I just shot him in the face. Next thing I new he ragdoll’d me and put me in a glass box… We had a long conversation about what had happened, after that he reduced my cash amount to 0. Rather irritated by this I told my friend admin what was happening, my friend then joined and had another long argument, next thing I saw on my screen is you have been banned for “being an idiot and RDM’ing an admin.” I didn’t even bother complaining, just added that RP to my blacklist

The dD3vine servers are a bunch of shit-fuck admins just being a troll and ban anyone.
One time I was on there build servers and they where RT Caming there porn, making me somewhat pissed, so I made a little contraption that randomly presses num-pad that goes to my cam, a blank wall, and some guy makes one him self, but better, then after arguing with the porn, I got demoted to a mingbag and i left. After some time, I came back for some reason and admins started to send me to porn sites and I REALY GOT PISSED-FUCKING OFF and argued and got kicked. So I tried steam and see if they got any control of shutting down servers, and well that failed. Plus I got pema banned after a copy paste bug so I ended up saying “play [SERVER IP]” other then “play [YOUTUBE URL]”, so I got approved for unbaning after posting this on there site and they didn’t unban me because of there lazy-ass admins.

The verdict, a shitty server clan.

UPDATE OF 9/5/2011

The server is now becoming better, I got unbanned. So I’m a free man now ♪I’m freeeeeeeee!♪

I once had an admin that banned me without giving me a chance to explain what the real situation was. I had set a keypad (This is in darkrp) close to my building but this admin couldn’t find it, don’t ask me out because it was so clear, banned me for 2 days, no say, no warning. Where do they get these admins from :P?

People buy admin now… what is this world coming to!? :v:

I can’t stand any RP server. The RP value is zero, even in serious roleplays. The only thing people like to do is buy and sell guns and drugs, be a cop, or just be the generic bad guy.
The worst part are the admins that run an RP server but have no idea what RP is.