Let us sum up the most pathetic admins/servers you have ever experienced

I remember my first time on some server called “aperture roleplay”, gamemode “phase 4”. Seemed nice. Reminded me of TnB abit, as the server used city_8. There were citizens, “test subjects”, and there were mercs. No cops. No shops. If its anything, it would be the mercs. Most of the mercs were admins, and people who donated. If you were building something, or atleast trying to make money using printers, BAM! They would randomly raid you and kill you/ take your stuff, destroy your props. If you were to ask why, they would say “oh someone hire me to kill u lolz”. It was pretty pathetic. Anywhere you’d go, they’d find you and kill you. You couldn’t even progress into roleplaying because they’d raid you everytime. And if you were truely successful with loads of dosh, the server would restart or change the map, deleting any progress you would’ve gotten. Sad thing is, you were so unprotected.

On one roleplay server, 2 gangs were going at it really bad, I was in one of them. We were killing each other left and right in the sewers and eventually the conflict spread to the streets in front of the cp station, which also numbered about 15 people. This developed into a civil war, kinda like a deathmatch of 15 v 8 v 8. Me and another guy convinced the 2 gangs to stop fighting each other and fight the cp, which we did. The gangs made it all the way to the Mayors office through like 20 mins of fighting and we were about to take the mayor captive when I was kicked and banned for 10 days for “rdm”

Funnest time on a rp server though, the war was epic and showed fallibility in the cp.

I saw this job on a DarkRP server once:

Job: 1337 G
Weapons: Awp, Para, Shotgun that blows doors off their hinges, Keypad Cracker, Swag Bag, Flash grenade, Smoke grenade, HE Grenade, Knife, Custom SWEP that plays “Candy Shop” when fired
Available to: Everyone
Vote needed: No
Number of players that can have this job at any given time: Unlimited

This is a clear demonstration of how the vast majority of the Gmod community is extremely creative, and that all RP servers are realisitic down to fine detail. It also shows that everyone within the RP community is concerned far mroe with Role Playing than being immature mingebags. Finally, this is a perfect example of how everyone who plays Garry’s mod takes careful steps to make sure that their spelling and grammar is correct. Bravo.

I went on a russian build server, and the first thing the admin does is asking if i am american, which i am not and i told him that i weren’t. About 10 seconds later i get permabanned with the reason “FUCK AMERICANO!”.

I haven’t seen a phase four server that people actually roleplays on.

One time I said i like jewish people on a random RP server … and i got permabanned

Darkland RP was shit.
Shortly after a Admin stripped me out of all money and permabanned me for killing his buttcroach who tried to rob me, their server went offline.

The only time where DarkRP is actually entertaining.

I kick everyone on my server with the reason “fuck” if I need to test any scripts in multiplayer.

I’m the worst admin ever. :v:

I just test the scripts anyway and tell them if they get meatspinned it’s not my fault.

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Or test it on my dev server, being the safer option.

Wait…what kind of scripts are we making here :smiley:


One anticheat.

With meatspin capabilities? :smiley:

'nuff said.

Communities who sell admin - nearly always bad
Communities who just give away admin with no effort - nearly always bad

3 guys who are hosting a cheapo homemade dedicated server and claiming it’s a big hit - very very very bad

The thing is, Nemesis, it’s not even at community level. It’s about 3 guys who are hosting a cheapo homemade dedicated server and claiming it’s a big hit.

I’ve seen servers that sell admin for literally $50, and there were at least 5 admins. Funny thing is, they were all 12 too.

Even worse then, one sec ill edit my post :wink:

I like the adjustment.

I was in a DarkDM server and I was making security systems for newbies who didn’t know wire but wanted to have some anti-theft thingy. It was a really simple sound alarm that activated via button and laser wire. Really, really simple stuff.

So an admin who is a Gangster breaks into one of my client’s house and the CPs actually come to investigate the problem. The admin then makes a huge shitstorm and says how a gangster must break into a house if the mob boss puts it into their agenda. Every single CP gets banned even after telling the guy that they’re just doing their jobs, then he finally bans me for “no wire and no informing popos.”