Let us sum up the most pathetic admins/servers you have ever experienced

Oh hai guys, got a new recent one for ya.


Jesus, over 2000 bans.

Tehehe, I also have 1 moar to share. It’s not exactly from Gmod, but it’s from CoD: Black Ops Multiplayer.

Like most fail servers, admins will decide to be assholes and kick you for “HURR KILLING SOMEONE WITH A GRENADE LAUNCHER” or “NOOB LEARN TO PLY NO LST STAND” (Skill or not, if it is in-game, I’m going to use it).

So I was on one clan server, everything was under control pretty much, I had an RPG-7 equipped as I was trying out my own little TF2 “Solider” class. Snipur in teh windew. Easy target. I fired off the round and it killed the player. But luckly for me, it was an admin.

He then started to come on voice chat, use a very “professional” tone and tell me to “Not use your fucking China Lake/M20”. I asked Why, and a few other players questioned it, the admin didn’t have a good reason pretty much and said “Because it’s in the server rules”. That didn’t tell me why they are outlawed in the first place, and I stated that, then right before the map change:

Kicked by console: That’s why

If it was extremely unbalancing to use explosives other than grenades in the first place, I’m sure the game creators would have removed them or better balanced them. I thought you could only find this faggitory on the Xbox 360 version of the game.

My friends keep getting banned from some servers because I’m on the friends list.

I was walking around throwing grenades for fun, when two of them happen to hit the admin’s whorehouse he was building and set it on fire.

I was in an RP server earlier today. I was a CP, and was called to arrest someone who had been murdering tons of people. It was an admin, with an admin weapon, noclip, etc. So I decide to be a full badass and jumped my jeep off of a building into his face. I arrested him upon spawning. I see the message saying that I was permabanned for “lolololololololol”. This was shortly after hearing his 6-year-old voice.

I refuse to play on servers where you can “buy admin/mod/special” status. If it’s a different name, some new weapons or abilities, sure. But when some 9 year old can steal his parent’s credit card to ban teh bad peepulz, it’s ridiculous.

To all server owners: If you offer any heightened abilities due to “donating” (paying), fuck you. Seriously, fuck you. The GMod community would be 100% better without the 50,000 shit servers that people like you make. So get out, and take your squeaky kids with you.

Well said, well said.

Being an ass in general on the noxious Mario box’s server I was only muted for an hour I Should really have been banned.

Welcome to D3vine RP, how may I ban you?

edit: No seriously though, I agree with you 100%, that gets so annoying.

Here’s another one:

I was playing on some flatgrass server. I was making a Rube Goldberg machine on a corner of the map. After an hour or so, I was about to finish. No one seemed to notice me until I see this guy coming up and spawned dynamite all over it. You can guess how that went. My beautiful contraption flew about in little pieces, completely wrecked.
I shouted on my mic, saying “Dude! What did you do that for!? I took a freaking hour on that!” All I got in response was You have been banned. Reason: dont yell to admin noob

^ I had an idea. How about an addon for community server filtering, if it’s possible. Where servers would be voted on, up or down. Only one vote per Steam account (provided the account owns Gmod). This way, only good servers would be listed, as a little kid would need to spend $1,000+ toward Gmod-enabled accounts just to reach the 100 real votes a good server gets.

Don’t know if that’s possible, as I don’t code for Gmod, and I’m not a fan of LUA. Or, is it dictated by Valve?

Either way, someone has their head up their own ass, and they need to get it out pronto.

I was banned for gravgunning a elevator then killing the admin for removing my props for no reason.
with 2 day ban reason: troll

I got one for ya’. I was on a construct server. Two chines kids joined on and spammed giant props everywhere. After a while, they were kicked by the community, and the props were being deleted by some admin mod. I then said “Heh, they want us to donate, when they have no admins on to protect this server?” I was then perma-banned by an admin, that had just gotten back from eating dinner. Message said “Prema-banned 4 dispectin amins.” Perma banned with bad grammar and spelling, the worst kind!

One time, I was messing around on a server with explosives. After killing a few people, I was warned, so I stoped. A minute later, a large series of explosives go off, killing the Admin and a few others, including myself. As I am about to respawn, It comes up with a ban notice. I had nothing to do with those explosives.

Once i Permabanned myself from my own server, ´so i guess im a bad owner

I was recently on a basemod server and apparently I was called out by 3 people who were somehow envying my base decide to keep yelling out " I WAS RDMED BY STICKGUYZ KICK HIM KICK HIM" Over and over again. My friend and I didn’t bother to pay attention to the chat, and I was almost done building when suddenly I was kicked for “RDM”. I immediately rejoined the server and asked the admin why I was banned because all I was doing was building my base. He looks at me, then looks at the people who are invading the base I was in. And types “Sorry”. My friend also said that I did not do anything wrong and I was building the whole time. So what the admin did to make up his mistake. He gave to 2 million dollars on the server. I guess it was worth it now since I got the money but the admin needs to check both sides of the story before he bans someone.

When I used to host while I was testing new gamemodes and such I would randomly kick and/or ban people for the hell of it. I’d regularly over-abuse my powers as LISTEN SERVER ADMIN and make people ragequit.

I had fun.

competition against an admin on who can build the biggest wooden tower
i was winning
he blew my tower up
i destroyed a few of his boxes

I got banned for a week because I said, “Wow, this server is slow”

I just got permabanned from a server because an admin was RDMing.

Admin sprays Epic Minigun over crowd of civilians
Deprehensio headshots admin with crossbow
–You have been banned for: “fuking noob”–

Sigh… This server was even pretty high up on the GmodTop100, too. Is there no medium to finding good servers?