Let's all complain and whine on how gmod isn't working HERE.

Well new TF2 update causes gmod to crash with this error:

Bitch here pl0x.

I guess it’s Valve’s way of getting us to play Team Fortress 2.

I hope Valve actually gives Garry the code instead of hogging it.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon, god forbid its not fixed by the weekend, this thread will get to 500+ pages

I started crashing to the desktop when the blue loading bar got to “Initializing clientmode”.

Darnit, I wanted to do some posing today.

Yet i was playing only 20 minutes earlier. Didn’t show any sort of update though so idk what happened.

whine whine

I feel like I should never update tf2 again… this isn’t the first time an update for that game has messed up gmod.

Omg! This is getting extremely annoying. Cant wait for Gmod 13.

Is there an ETA?

No point in sticking around and complaining about it here. it will take less then a day to fix if Gabe feels like regurgitating the vital components he swallowed.

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It’s 6 Am-ish where Garry is I think so he should be up in a few hours and he will start fixing.


  1. Garrys Mod (Working fine)
  2. Update (Fixes Crash on Startup)
  3. Horrible Irony

My GMod keeps crashing on the “Initializing Clientmode” part on the loading bar as of now.

–> spend three hours creating a set of new skins
–> place them into gmod for testing
–> hl2.exe has stopped working

Strangely, their fix was the Windows Aero Extension Bug.

What a great fix Valve. Some feature that I would never care that needs to break even more Source Mods.

you honestly think when valve has some update involving 1 fix it fucks up all source mods

Because the client dll set of source engine for garrysmod isnt matching the current source engine version.

On the bright side, This should fix the networking issues with 4+ players. I hope…

What I was saying is that JUST BECAUSE there was ONE FIX doesn’t mean that ALL SOURCE MODS fuck up.

you don’t know valve

Every time I open Garry’s Mod and see it start updating, I’m like “Oh shit…”

crap, my gmod 9.0.4 is also broken >.<