"Let's catch a wave..." Mercenary checking enemy's radio chatter


Nice and original, g’job

Good combo of the gibs

That would make a cool class actually!

Nice. Is there some dodgy jpeg compression on his jacket or is that just the texture?

Mmmm… Link to the revolver.

Awesomeness right there.

One of the most awesome TF2 character creations I have seen…

It’s awesome, but low res.

i’ve always loved your angles karimatrizzzz

i got bored and did a shoddy edit

If he’s a mercenary, shouldn’t he be a neutral color like black, white, yellow, green, or purple?


or brown


my shitty quickie.

This^ Also awesome pic its quite good.

Nice, but it seems the .jpeg quality is a bit low, or my I need new eyes.


Looks like hes from the RCMP. I like it though its sweet.