Let's change this FPS community that's rolling in from Legacy with our own community!

Hello everyone,

As a past Legacy Rust player (about 900 hours) I’ve seen how this beautiful concept slowly grew into an FPS game full of “assholes”.
I’m not saying these players are born assholes, I’m saying Legacy really gave the opportunity to be an asshole and it gave you the best chance of “beating” the game.
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the PVP, loved popping people’s heads and being a dick from time to time screaming “get rekt m8” but things changed.

After getting sick of hackers, bad servers etc. I changed to Legacy, before most people started transitioning.
What I noticed was a kind of “tester” community full of people that were just enjoying a new game being born, helping out fixing bugs and saying hello to a fellow tester and even though it’s cheesy to say; I was quite moved by not having to fight off every player like in Legacy, it surprised me that a naked didn’t try to immediately rock me for my stuff. A bit of warmth and community feeling that was there in the early days of Rust came back to me.

Now that the new Rust is approaching baseline more Legacy Rust players are joining and I see more trolls, griefers and I’ve even encountered some people glitching or people that I suspect might have found a way to cheat.
I feel like these people are bringing the wrong attitude over to a new place that has opportunities for much awesomer communities than there is right now.

Of course, there’s really only one way to fight bandits, griefers, trolls and basically assholes.
We can change it.
I believe Garry wants US to change it, he values complete freedom and I agree with him that the only thing from stopping this game from becoming another PVP fest are the players themselves!

I’m inviting people to start communities that value friendship, a bit of trust maybe and above all will give a newbie a piece of meat rather than a hit with a pickaxe.
Later when the game develops such communities could hop onto servers, start villages, fight bandits, this is something I’ve deeply missed in Legacy Rust that initially was actually there, it’s what I enjoyed most about Rust.

A very awesome example is the faction server that was previously a very active community in Legacy Rust, I really wanna make sure communities like that are started again.

I’m just not sure how to start this, if it’s the right time, etc. etc.
So I invite everyone who reads this to give suggestions, start initiatives and maybe we can make this a thing :)!
Feel free to join this thread, create a community, if you wanna play the role of a troll/bandit fighter! :smiley:

I like to build a stupid amount of spiked barricades and surround people’s bases with them.

Having been online since around 1991, I feel the same way about the entire internet.


Very effective, but a full-time thankless job of record-keeping and controversial, subjective assessment.

In a game based around PvP, you really just have to expect people will shoot and grief you. I would say that’s probably the point of the game as perceived by most people.

Game filled with idiots who will shoot you on sight = perfect simulation of a dangerous, post-apocalyptic world.

I disagree. A survival game like Rust is based around PvE just as much as PvP

i think Rust is(was?) equal parts PVE and PVP. if it becomes too biased towards PVP i will go back to CS though, because the thing i enjoy about rust is the wandering the woods gathering gear and avoiding bears and wolves. hunting, building, looting, crafting. this game has more potential than that, and it would be a waste for it to become just another FPS.


My take on it, after reading the devblog, Garry’s Twitter Etc, is that it is a survival game, with PVP added for defense.

I boot folks from my server that just run around killing people for nothing. Example, I just saw a guy join, not two minutes later he was asking if anyone had a base to raid. Didn’t even take the time to clothe himself.

I built a home on another server, 3 locked doors, all level 6 led to a 1x1 sleeping area surrounded by 5 level 6 walls deep on all 4 sides (I walled myself in because I knew I was going to be out of game for 8 hours), and on top was a 5 story empty 1x1 tower that was nothing but walls to prevent the from getting into the ceiling.

Some enterprising individual(s) went through 5 level 6 walls to get to my naked, empty body, and got nothing except a single hatchet. My loot was stashed in bushes around me.

How long does it take to go through five level six walls?! WHY? The area was surrounded by dozens of trees, every type of ore node and plenty of animals.

I seriously cannot grasp the limited, mean spirited type or personality that feels the need to do something so mind boggling wasteful.

Maybe that is what we all need to do then. Go create a bunch of structures that take a fair amount of time to break into. But have nothing inside of value. Maybe after the 10th time the same person(s) spends 2+ hours breaking into an empty house they will get the hint. Then again… Knowing the Rust community… It might not have any effect… :rolleyes:

the most dangerous thing in the world is an idiot with a gun and ‘enough’ ammo

It’s the challenge.

I agree. I would love to play in a group who were community minded, and wanted to work together to build stuff, rather that spending more effort destroying what other people are doing…

I am always a bit surprised, (and disappointed), that people would rather spend 3 hours bashing on a wall to steal a level 6 hut that I build in just over 1 hour. They could have built TWO or THREE themselves in the time it took to steal mine, and yet people would rather waste time doing something destructive, than do something productive for themselves!

My theory is that the reward is bigger for some people. If you build something yourself there’s a bigger risk because something that you built might get destroyed. If you destroy and take over something that’s not yours and it gets destroyed/taken over by someone else it in a way matters less since it wasn’t yours to begin with.