Let's clear this up.

For everyone that thinks Rust is a survival game.

Let’s start here. An FPS is defined as: “First-person shooter (FPS) is a video game genre centered on gun and projectile weapon-based combat through a first-person perspective; that is, the player experiences the action through the eyes of the protagonist.”

Does this sound familiar? Could you define Rust as an FPS? Not all FPS games have a scoring system. The basic premise is to shoot other players, if it be NPG or other players.

One popular FPS game mode is Free For All. This is where all players are pitted against each other with no defined rules except, killing the most usually results in a win. But no rules define that you cannot team up with other players to easily defeat “lesser” opponent’s. Could you do this in CoD? Can you do this is most FPS games? I think so.

One reason why Team Objectives were created in FPS games was for balance. Usually a equal number of players are matched against each other. There is an objective (usually) and the match ends with a winner. This way a large group cannot take control. The balance system forces this. But this does not apply in a Free For All game like Rust.

So, the objective in almost all games is not to die.

Almost every game created has some sort of penalty for dying, starting the level over, loosing points, etc… So we, as players, are hardwired to “not die”. This is very closely related to “survival”, defined as: continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship.

In CoD, you must survive ie; not die.

In Rust you are pitted against other players (Free For All). You can choose to team up to defeat “lesser” opponent’s. The objective is to “not die”. If you do, you respawn, similar to most FPS’s. The only threat in this “survival” are other players.

Rust also has elements that other FPS games do not. You can harvest food, chop wood, mine stone and build houses.

But don’t let these elements confuse you. This is still an FPS but with “community rules”. We define the objectives and how to win.

In the end though. Its all about survival, which is to not die, so you must kill other players in order to survive.

KOS is annoying. But all FPS games promote this. Rust is not different.

But it could be…

Yeah, it could be different later on.

The developement process isn’t over, nothing is set in stone.

I’ve said countless times that, in order to balance the game, weapons and tools should have a certain amount of random failure, depending on how hard it is to make a decent tool/weapon.
For example:
-Shitty assault rifle made with junk? Have it explode or fail randomly every X shots
-Handmade explosive charge? Make it NOT explode every once in a while.

It would perfectly fit the atmosphere of Rust, where everything you craft is supposed to be of poor quality. Instead, the Bolt Action Rifle you made with poorly smelted metal and pig skin can land perfect shots 200+ meters away (got a 298m headshot once). I understand that devs don’t want to make Rust too realistic, but they should focus on a better balance between the weapons instead of creating new attachments that make shots even more accurate.

To balance this, maybe make the weapons found in crates more reliable and of a better quality. They would be even more valuable, and people would most likely fight over them, turning loot areas into action packed arenas, while other areas would be safer and calmer.

“KOS” has become an objectively meaningless term, take on the form of whatever vague representation of “undesirable behavior” best suits the situation. And like all meaningless terms, it lends itself to tiresome, circular conversations.

Theres no reason not to KOS tbh, you get more experience shooting plus you get gear.
I don’t see a reason to let somebody alive since it’s also the only exciting thing you can do atm

Last I checked FPS games didn’t make you build the gun first😎 Also most FPS games consist of rounds of play during which you may die multiple times, this is clearly not the case for rust. FPS games have the players collecting kills and often more ammo but never resources and I have yet to see an FPS let you build anything. Despite you clear love for COD and similar games Rust is not one of them yet and God willing will never be one of them, there are plenty on the market already go play one of them

I respect the fact that people want Rust to be more than a sandbox game designed for violence, where everything you can craft with the resources you collect, other than tools to collect more resources, has to do with attacking/defense (in other words, murder/theft/suppression). I hope you get your wish.

But you need to stop pretending that game A) exists now, or B) existed at any significant stage of development. This is the Rust that exists today, and this is the perfectly understandable way in which many players play it. When Rust takes another few steps of evolution into the survival genre, then it will be worth discussing how quickly our players adapt and how willing they are to forego the senseless joy-killing of an FPS teenager.

Re read my post. Look for how I stated my comparison (CoD being a popular game, so I used it). The context being about “survival” vs common “FPS’s”. The objective in both.

Then look at the definition of survival.

Also read how I stated “we make the rules”.

I stated you can build. I stated you can craft.

Your end statement being “go play one of them”. Thanks for the feed back and insightful post. I will consider your deep and creative suggestion. :slight_smile:

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I agree. I’m just trying to make it clear to others what Rust is now.

And how do you vote on comments?

Well I find it interesting that the developers consider rust a survival game but you seem to be the authority on everything so I guess Gary needs to be told what his game really is as his own website states “Rust is a survival game”

Quote where I defined what this game is. Then re read my post as to what an FPS is.

What I said at the end conclusion “In the end though. Its all about survival, which is to not die, so you must kill other players in order to survive.”

Are you to dense to read? So many people love to give some sort of hateful feedback before reading the original post.

Got to admit this thread is kind of pointless. You state what an fps is and state that’s what rust is in it’s current form but the fact is its designed and marketed as a survival game. Therefore people should play it like it is a survival game not an fps, otherwise if everyone plays it as an fps that’s all that will be left as everyone else will have left.

The game in its current form is a sandbox. Plain and simple. You build, you kill, you work with other players, you hunt other players etc. basically you do what you want to do. Arguing otherwise or trying to classify the game as anything else is stupid and pointless. And if that’s not what you are doing then what is the point of this thread? To tell us what an fps and what a survival game is defined as? Google could tell us that but but two random and pointless dif notions of game types has absolutely zero bearing on the game or the community. So far all I have seen is it causing arguments so again what was the point here?

I’m not trolling or being rude but I really don’t see why this thread was created.

Because players are confused. Half are saying its an all out FPS that is for killing other players. The other half call it a Survival.

My point is that its an FPS/Survival. You “survive” against other players. This is an add on to the many KOS post.

Just because its marketed as an Survival game doesn’t mean its only a Survival game.

You build, you kill, you work with other players..” Then you have an FPS match against each other to try and take their base.

two random and pointless dif notions of game types has absolutely zero bearing on the game or the community” Yes it does.

And also you said “but the fact is its designed and marketed as a survival game” and then you said “The game in its current form is a sandbox. Plain and simple.” and then “Arguing otherwise or trying to classify the game as anything else is stupid and pointless

Got a little carried away in your hate? You just defined it.

Its a Survival/FPS/Sandbox game.

And you guys are just complaining about this now? jeez

Let’s see when everything is finished.

^^this, though i don’t see why people are so desperate to pigeonhole rust.

KOS is a symptom of there not really being much else to do, and it being the safer option than trusting a naked who may have an AK stuck up his ass. it doesn’t make it just another FPS, it just confirms the level of completion of the game.

I got the impression it was survival by that the fact it’s advertised as survival.

Loot of you came off as very smug and know it all in your posts, to try and tell everyone else what this game is when the developers have already told us what it is supposed to be. If you think I am dense you might want to step back and look at what your trying to do here.

The reality is that Rust and survival games in general are somewhat of a mashup of different types of games. It is a FPS, and RPG, a building sim, a tower defense game, a 4X game (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate). Its hard to categorize as it is all of these and depending on how players play and view it it can only be some or one of these.

Lets face it any game that allows players to kill other players is going to have KoS. Just deal with it like a man and stop being little bitches :slight_smile:

Rust is also not finished, so stop trying to define exactly what it is before it’s even finished baking.

You guys are counting your fluffy chickens before they’ve… finished eating a Newman. The analogy breaks down, ok. Point is that it’s not really fair to decide what Rust ‘is’ when most of the game elements are still missing. Rust is not balanced or fair right now, and gameplay elements are still being prototyped out and refined - there’s little to do but deathmatch and raid and run from the heli at the moment.

I think things will change significantly once the dungeon system has a bunch of different options for spawning above-ground/below-ground structures and compounds.

You yourself defined an FPS as a game “centered on gun and projectile weapon-based combat”. Rust is not centered on combat for me. I carry a projectile weapon (bow) but use it rarely and on NPCs only. Rust is the type of game you play it as. Trying to convince me that the game I spend 99% of my time building in is a FPS will always be futile because that’s not how I play it. It’s an FPS for you, but a sandbox builder for me. Really this should be the end of the discussion.

This whole debate is stupid. It’s a game. Play it. Who gives a fuck what category if falls into?