Let's discuss about the name changing

Long requested feature is now in and players are able to change names!
I like the possiblity of letting people use name that is already is use for impersonating and stuff.
Players with VoIP ( clans specifically ) have a huge advantage with this.

What you guys think about it?

( I can see everyone suddenly be Rama214 )

EDIT: Is anyone else getting major freezes and sometimes freeze leading to unity crash? I keep getting that around players for some reason.


What you mean by USA Server? Name change applies to all servers, US, EU and noPvP.
I don’t like the idea of people being able to change their name every hour. Why not make it from 6 to 12 hours?

This can be bad for those players who dont know how to form a chat party with another software like most do when playing a game together. If we can change our names to an exact name of another then I would like to be able to add to a friend list and have a friendly icon show up on that exact player, or at least have their name light up a different color when you see them in front of you. I would not like to rage quit every time I think someone is apart of my team and get betrayed. ya know?

Wait, there is a noPvP server?

Yeah. It sucks.

Well its probably good if you just started the game and wanna build a bit.